Monday, January 19, 2009

Program 2 - EP From Hell

Well here's a classic 1992 techno hardcore rave record from Program 2! Threshold was produced by Joey beltram this record use to rock at the Limelight club in Manhattan New York which is a Church that was built into a club I use to love going there! Now the club was changed into another name called Avalon. All the tracks are great but the one to get your attention is Twister this track is bananas! I had to upload this thru zshare since mediafire isn't working at the moment I hope they get to fix it soon...But for now enjoy this post.----12inchjunkie

The Beast (4:00)
Twister (4:35)
Threshold (4:00)

Featuring - Joey Beltram
Hysteria (3:59)

Download Right Here


Freestyle Joker said...

You story bout the Limelight club reminds me of the Mission. It's in Elgin one of da burbs. It used to be a church too. Now theres kids on extacy in the building, lol. I remember them havin big statues and stuff still in there, strange place. Fun times.

benz said...

lol freestyle joker thats the way the limelight was 2 what a coincidence bro wow 2 different places same shit lolz!!! but def hot post joey beltram legendary in the craft!!!!

12InchJunkie said...

Yeah those days of extasy at

Anonymous said...

awesome ep , i use to spin in the limelight thurs and sats:( miss those days. club life in nyc suck balls now.well at least we have cuts like these to remember