Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do You Like House Music In 2009?

I figure I bring this topic up do you like House music in 2009? I personally still like House music today but it's so hard to find the good tunes...You think it would be easier because you now buy mp3s online but it's actually not that easy. Now you have thousands of songs being released each day! In 2009 you have House, Electro-House, Tech-house, Progressive House, Hardhouse, and whatever else... and alot of the stuff being put out now is boring...So out of 20 tunes you listen to you might like 1 tune. So today I figure I share with you guys the tunes that I have In my serato crates. These Producers and tracks that I'm posting are what I think are hot and future classics. Later in the near future I will post my latest mixes on the blog with todays house music. So what I'm sharing with you now is a taste of what I play.-----12inchjunkie

1. Eddie Thoneick - I wanna freak you (original mix)
2. Oxia - Domino
3. Andrea Britton, Sunfreakz - Counting down the days (Axwell Remix)
4. Melleefresh, Deadmau5 - Afterhours (Original Mix)
5. Hardsoul - Believe in me (Original Mix)
6. Jean Claude Ades - Shingaling (Original Mix)
7. Masi & Mello - Big Bang (Masi & Mello Mix)
8. DJ Gomi feat. Yasmeen - I Glad I found you (Scott Wozinak Vocal Mix)
9. Buy Now - Body Crash (Dirty South Remix)
10. Dubfire - Roadkill
11. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be

Download Right Here


a.lex said...

there is always good house.

however, because there's so many songs being releases at the same time and EVERYONE is a producer these days it's hard to really focus on one song anymore.

I'm definitely more on the Soulful/Deep House tip.

I'm complete over all that Big Room/Tech/Hard/Progressive sound. It's all drug induced music and I can't appreciate that kind of music anymore.

Freestyle Joker said...

I don't know if its just me, but I can't download your songs. It's sayin da link is not workin'. I will try again later. I wanna hear those songs. Not farmiliar with them.

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention minimal :P . Anything with dubfire,deadmau5,and steven angello are good. i love soulful deep garage house. still gets my blood flowing and will never stop. my veiw on deep house is that when it was done here it was we lost that steam and now the best deep house comes from the other countries. i listen and dj (and one day will produce) all types of dance edm and one things i have notice is that within the last 10 years or so people have divided as have the many genres of house.i will continue to buy,download and discog house music because without it,there would never be a feeling.:P i think the next question would be iwould love to know what the other members of the vv fam play as i assume we are all djs besides music lovers

Rob said...

I have to admit that I haven't been up to date with house music. I either come across it because I hear it on the radio or come across it on the web. Hip-Hop is a perfect example for me, there are some tracks I hear on the radio and once they announce the artist I'm like who the fuck is that? As i've mentioned before hip hop right now is boring and tired of hearing T-Pains robotic voice. I was a fan of Kanye West but ever since the whole shit started getting to his head, I started disliking him. I'm not a fan of full of shit people.
As for "that big room/tech/hard/progressive sound.It's all drug induced music." Everyone is responsible for their actions. Music will not FORCE someone into taking drugs. We're responsible for our actions unless that person is not in their proper state of mind from the get go. I.M.O.
Freestyle Joker, the link is good. I just tried it.

chicagojackin said...

I'm not into the house from 99-08. There's to many different styles of house almost over 50 different sub genres.Never was really into the european sound.For the exception of a few tracks.Always have been into the oldskool from Chicago,New York,Detroit,Miami styles of house,garage,tech,bass, freestyle.In fact that's the complaint you hear from DJ'S an radio stations is Chicago is stuck in a time warp.I think because all the other stuff sucks thats why.House is just way to commerical way to pop now days.Just about everyone does house remixes for there songs now days.Fuck David Bowie,The Greatfull Dead,rock legends put out house records.Man that's crazy,that's like saying the disco group The Village People doing a thrash metal record out.And i agree with summonedknight hip hop sucks just as bas if not worse.

chicagojackin said...

correction i agree with Rob about hip hop comments

12InchJunkie said...

Well a lot of great freestyle producers and house producers from the 80s did drugs also..latin rascals being one of them. I'm not saying doing drugs is a good thing to do but some producers use it to enhance creativity.maybe the producers doing the drugs nowadays aint as creative as the producers from the 80s were, Now for the hard tech house/progressive/big room music being put out today does sound like drug music but you gotta also remember music is always changing I personally wish house still sounded like 1989 I even try looking for house music today that might sound like 89... Now I like soulful house but I always been into music that sounds Hard,funky,groovy,and innovative.That's just my taste of what I like. As summonedknight mention I would love to hear what the rest of vv family is spining today.

Anonymous said...

well i will start it off. I play Deep House,house,progressive house,tech house,electro house,minimal,trance,tech trance,progressive trance, techno,drum & bass,freestyle,chill out,ambient,salsa,merengue,cumba,latin i play it all. but nothing gets my blood flowing like a good house and trance track.takes you to another place as all edm should.

MastrChief07 said...

Hip hop today is dead. Nas said it best: Hip hop is dead. Who do we have? Soulja boy, Lil wayne or lil whoever else and that clown Kanye West representing ''hip hop'' today. They all suck. Kanye West is overrated. But on the house tip: I like alot of todays dance/club tracks. But I agree that there's way too much out there. For pete's sake! Do we really need over 200 mixes of "Gimme More"?? Some of them not official but seriously. Some mixes of that song is slammin' but wtf?? I hear everything sound alike nothing like the old house or the early 90's or so House music. I'm feeling a lot these days of "Offer Nissim", Peter Rauhofer, Hex Hector, Club 69 and among others. What is house these days? What can be cateogorize (sp?) House from Club?

Sound Factory said...

I've been into house since the late 80s, and my appreciation for the music has never slackened. I'm the type who could dance alone in a club because I'm there strictly for the music. Personally, my most favorite time for house music was during the Sound Factory/Tribal America Records era. I think a lot of what we're getting right now were influenced by that era. Although I'm partial to classic and current tribal house, I've always kept my ears open for any type of house. In fact, my iPod will reveal everything from techno rave to deep house. Life ain't no fun without house.

Anonymous said...

god you people want to talk clubs, i miss redzone, zanzibar, 1018,palladium, roseland when they would play house and louie would do his all night house parties.the tunnel,la mirage, funhouse,devils nest. the only place i feel house love and is for the older crowd is cielo,

MastrChief07 said...

Sound Factory and Summonedknight brought back some memories. Sound Factory hit my feeling on the nail. I too go dance on the floor by myself. Although I've gotten into a battle or two without initializing it, lol! Can never figure that out. Is that what club goers look for to show off. I always think it's a little bit of both. But more to enjoy the track blaring through the speakers with a dance off. Funny, those two battles, that I got in to without an invite lolol, I could hardly keep up. All because I would dance alone for a bit to a track. lol.

BellaVida said...

I completely agree that the insane amount of releases can be overwhelming but I'm loving that house music is still around and producing after so many years.

I love the classics and find great new tunes all the time but I have to say Deep/Garage is my favorite. I like latin like bagi begovic and electro like laidback luke. I just have to be in the mood for it.

I loved hiphop until puffy killed it and everyone jumped on the pop bandwagon. ew, i can't stand unoriginal peeps w/lack of creativity.

but anyways . . . once house music is in your veins there's no turning back. ;)

Alejandro said...

I think that the house music of these days is too electro / minimal; and this is not my kind of house. For this reason I'm exploring right now a style of house never heared with attention for me: Soulful House. Exists some good productions in this age but in minor quantity that earlier years. For me the best house years are the 1993 to 1998.
I like the house made by oldskool artists like Full Intention, Kings Of Tomorrow, Mood II Swing, Armand van Helden, Danny Tenaglia & Masters At Work. However also likes me the productions of an artist more modern that the named before: Mischa Daniels.
Sorry for my english.