Thursday, January 1, 2009

''I'm Going Back To New York!!'' T.M.F. - Got To Be Free / Uno Funk

I Know it's DJ Mixes Thursday but I'm in the mood to post a 12 inch... ''I'm going back to New York'' meaning I'm posting New York House Music...This is my flava and love the sound of New York City! Being born in raised in New Jersey we follow the music from New York and we follow Sports... We are fans of The New York Giants, Yankee, Mets, and etc.. And our Radio Stations are Hot 97, Ktu, and all the other stations coming out of manhattan. I still have love for all the other citys that put out good house music Chicago, Detriot, California, Miami, etc...But my personal favorite is New York so thats why I'm calling these post "Going Back To New York"...
I think we haven't really been posting New York House for quite some time so it's time to go back... This is A How & Little production If you don't know who thy are we have posted a few 12's of there stuff before on the blog, And these guys were monsters back then! There sound was so different from other House producers My next mix I'm doing is going to be a tribute to these guys. These two track are bangers I actually didn't have this record back then and I ordered this a few months ago. So now I'm sharing it with you guys.-----12inchjunkie

Got To Be Free (Feel Good Mix) (5:45)
Got To Be Free (Loop D'Loop Mix) (3:12)
Uno Funk (Club Mix) (6:04)
Uno Funk (Reserve Mix) (3:53)

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