Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Prince And The Wizard - EP

One of New York Underground labels from the early 90's an essential EP from two genuine house masters, Todd Terry and Larry Heard.

Some of the tracks are fairly hit and miss but a lot are certainly more than worthy of your time.
The Music is Kickin employs a loop of washing Machine by Heard over a tough 909, proper jacking style music.

The track on the EP that was massive around my area back in the day was 'The Wiz is a genius'. A break beat track with just a mad, bleep style noise transposing all the way through.

The other standout track is Mr. Terry Meets Mr. Fingers, a chunky rhythm track (most likely programmed by Terry) with some beautifully melancholy strings most likley played by Heard.

A fantastic collaboration combining the obvious skills of two house masters. (This was a Review from discogs)---12inchjunkie

The Music Is Kickin' (4:23)
Mr. Terry Meets Mr. Fingers (7:50)
Latin Love Groove (5:32)

Featuring - Tanya Santiago
The Wiz Is A Genius (5:19)
My DJ & Your DJ (5:47)
He Loves My Good-N-Plenty (4:38)

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jovan said...

This smacked me back to the bronx
(Latin Love Groove)!!!! you guys really know how to start a party ; )