Friday, January 16, 2009

Mix Masters Ft.MC Action - In The Mix

I know someone asked this as a request but can't remember who it was...great chicago classic here! I beleive this was sampled later on in the years by Danzel - Pump it up. Special thanks goes out to Freestyle Joker for this contribution.----12inchjunkie
Benz this was your request- Rob.

In The Mix (Fast Eddie's Mix) (3:52)

Remix - Fast Eddie*
In The Mix (Boogie Man's Mix) (4:19)

Remix - Boogie Man
In The Mix (Vocal) (5:44)

Mixed By - Rocky Jones
In The Mix (Instrumental) (8:00)

Mixed By - Rocky Jones

Download Right Here


Rob said...

Classic track right here...Thanks Freestyle Joker for the full 12...

benz said...

thanks freestyle joker for this i was craving this like it was food!!!! much props for the contribution!!! classic house at its best!!!

summonedknight said...

damn beat me to it,lol .yea is a great track

chicagojackin said...

Thanks Freestyle Joker

lumen said...

Please!! What's the password for the file "Mixmaster - In The Mix" at Mediafiiles???
Thank you!

Lois said...

password please??thanx!

Mon joli said...

I ove those tracks is it possible to have the password please!!

Sauro Martinelli said...

can i have a pass ???