Thursday, January 29, 2009

Robbie Rivera @ Juicy Beach (WMC) Sat-22-03-2007

This is one of his Winter Music Conferences mixes from 2007, which is heard in Miami each year around March and I'm dying to go to one, one of these days... This was the first sets I ever heard from Robbie and ever since that I've been hooked listening to his Juicy Shows every week. If you never heard Electro House before or you have this Mix is Total Electro House Madness! Every track he drops on hear is a true banger. Here's a little Bio about Robbie Rivera-

Early years (1986 - 1999)

Rivera grew in Puerto Rico, he was a fan of Freestyle and Eurobeat when he bought two turntables to test himself in becoming a deejay. He has learned the hard way and teaching himself how to deejay like the now successful deejay Dave Dresden who recently split-up from his band Gabriel & Dresden. Rivera used to play at weddings and school party gigs in which common deejays start off with, but it was his natural talent that he used while working with the crowds that kept him playing in big clubs at age of 16. After graduation and high school, Robbie went to the Art Institute at Fort Lauderdale to study music production and was introduced to many different digital audio tools including the popular Protools program. While in college he released hi first record, "Sorulla"; A track influenced by the Latin House. The track became popular in New York and Miami and his career was underway.

Rise to fame (2000 - Present)

In 2000, Rivera's track "Bang" became a huge hit, making it to number one of the United Kingdom dance charts. The track also made it on to every respected dance compilation and was used frequently during the 2000 Sydney Olympics and was so popular that it even gave Rivera some face time on Top Of The Pops and MTV. Rivera started his own label, Juicy Records, and recorded mix CDs for Max Music, Filtered, and others. The success of Juicy has taken Robbie to producing his very own album "Do You Want More?" for Ultra Records and Independence in France. The first single "Which Way You Going?" reached the number one position earlier that year at Billboard Magazine and it was released in the UK label Toolroom, the track was created in early 2003 when Rivera contacted lyricist Ned Bigham who has written for DB Boulevard, Jean-Jacques Smoothie and Timo Maas; It was the first completed song and lead track which was inspired by Coldplay's hit "Clocks". [2] In 2003 he also released his track "Girlfriend" which features vocals by Justine Suissa who has done various vocal songs for Armin van Buuren. [3] During 2007, Rivera's Juicy Show began weekly airplay on XM Satellite Radio in the United States and Canada. In 2008 he made a collaboration with Armani Exchange by mixing an album called "Twilight" for the store.

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