Saturday, January 10, 2009

Black Riot - Just Make That Move

As we all know a snow storm is about to hit our area, Freestyle Joker mentioned that Chicago was already getting hit...New Jersey and New York will be next! So most of us won't be doing anything today or tonight, most likely the club owner will call me not to come in. I will be glued to my computer and will be doing some vinyl ripping. Here's another Todd Terry & Little Louie Vega banger! "Just make that move" I'm surprised I haven't posted this awhile back but here it is for those of you that don't have it...----12inchjunkie

Just Make That Move (12" Club Mix) (5:00)
Just Make That Move (Radio Version) (3:38)
Just Make That Move (Bonus Track) (5:27)
Just Make That Move (Master Dub) (7:39)

Download Right Here

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Rob said...

Classic is all I have to say.....