Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DJ DLG vs Erick Morillo - Where Are You Now

Here's a massive choon coming from Dj DLG and Erick Morillo. This monster has been destroying floors all over since Morillo debut it at last years ultra music festival in Florida. This song has to be heard on a huge system in order to really feel the power of this soon to be classic track. ENJOY-------------- Summonedknight.

1-Where Are You Now(Demo Mix)
2-Where Are You Now(Extended Demo Mix)

Download Right Here

Here Is the vid of Morillo opening his set with the song


12InchJunkie said...

Oh yeah...! This is definite a future classic! Love this track!!! Erick always does a great job producing tracks. Good Post Summonedknight

a.lex said...

did anyone hear that Eric Morillo was busted for cocaine possesion at an airport in the UK. he's pleady not guilty. just insane!