Friday, June 12, 2009

12inchjunkie Is On Vacation This Week!

Well I'm off from my regular 9-5 job this coming week and I'm happy! I actually need it...been under a lot of stress lately with work and other things. I'm not travelling anywhere for vacation I'm just relaxing and taking time to make some music. I've been learnin FL Studio and I seem to like it. I will post a couple youtube videos of some music producers have done with it. Some people knock the program but from what I see it does a lot of what other programs do and its very easy to learn. I downloaded a ton of vst plugins from some sites and I got a whole bunch from Rob. I also got my brother into it so were gonna do some stuff together. So my first project I plan to work on is on remixing a song this is something me and my brother are going to work on together so hope it turns out the way we want it. I will be putting in a lot of hours to get the program to do and get the sounds that I want it to do. If anyone have tips or know of sites that have good vst plugins please let me know. Hope everyone has a good weekend I got a few mixes and 12s to post up in the next few days so stay tune Vinyl Vault Fam...12inchjunkie

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MastrChief07 said...

Enjoy ur time off, 12inchJunkie!! TGIF!!