Sunday, June 7, 2009

Royal Orchestra Ltd. - Get Down / Royal Groove

What's up people Its been couple of days since I posted something been teaching myself how to make music and researching for vst plug-ins that I'm looking for, there are so many that I'm alittle But today I found some cool sites that have sounds that I'm looking for and I'm starting to get excited about the whole thing little by little everything is starting to come into place. So I hope I continue to do production and will be able to create my first track. Well enough of that and here's a post from Fourth Floor Records. My favorite cut on this is the ''Royal Groove (Stooooopid Dope Dub)'', Nice Laidback House groove. "Get Down!'' is also a good cut. Download this for your collection.---12inchjunkie


Get Down (Rub My Club Mix) (6:47)
Get Down (Mykoos & Musto Mix) (6:01)
Royal Groove (This Is My House Mix) (7:16)
Royal Groove (Stooooopid Dope Dub) (6:58)

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