Monday, June 29, 2009

Todd Terry Presents Sax - This Will Be Mine

This is a Classic 2 Record Album. I Like these House Trks "Jazz Anthem, Jazz Tazz & Don't You Want Some More" off this Album. There is also some Chill-Out/Down-Tempo on it also.

A1 Jazz Anthem (5:58)
A2 Soul In The Mix (4:58)
A3 Make It Right (5:50)
B1 Special Groove (6:32)
B2 Jazz Tazz (4:39)
B3 I Need A Fix (4:40)
C1 Don't You Want Some More (5:21)
C2 This Will Be Mine (5:01)
C3 The Movement (3:50)
D1 House Is A Feelin (5:30)
D2 If You Wanna Ride (5:12)
D3 The Journey (Part 2) (4:58)

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MastrChief07 said...

Goodlookin out Herk. I can never get enuff of Todd Terry! Good post!

GGNYC said...

If You Wanna Ride is my top favorite..second The Journey (Part II). Excellent hip-house tracks! Thanks Herk!! Todd Terry Classic Collector!

benz said...


Rob said...

Chiko Chever sent this to me to upload but never did, damn that's like the third time...LOL Hey Herk, I noticed that the If You Wanna Ride is missing the intro to it....It's funny that both copies have similar clicks and pops but are in actuality different copies.

HeRk said...

Yo!! I Ripped It Of The Vinyl Album, Thats the way it is I guess on that (It's starts of with Yea!! & theres like 12 Bars until Vocals which is weird. Seems like it should be either 8 or 16 bars.