Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cajmere-Underground Goodie Mixes

My favorite from this is Green Velvet's 'Conniption' - Thumpin' 4x4 w/ bleepy weird synth progression... Very minimal and clearly made for the Warehouse environment. Reminiscent of early Richie Hawtin. Grimey!

'Feel It' is also impressive; perfect for that prime time when everyone in the place is 'feelin it'. Definitely more on the house tip. Overall great release from Cajual, albeit a bit obscure.

[A1] Hardcorey & Wray - Love Train
[A2] Workin' Happily - Feel It
[B] Green Velvet - Conniption

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chicagojackin said...

Thanks for sharing PMX Hard Corey -Love Train was a classic in chicago

kaplan said...

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