Tuesday, June 2, 2009

D.J. Denali - Freestyle Forever Vol. # 1

What's good fam !!! Here's a mixtape that i picked up today while going to school , i figured that this was a good thing to share with everybody, so i hope you enjoy fellas!!!~~~BENZ~~~~


1. Yo Little Brother - Nolan Thomas Jr.
2. All And All - Joyce Simms
3. Show Me - The Cover Girls
4. My Heart Gets All The Break - Monet
5. Take Me Home - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
6. The Mexican - Jellybean Benitez
7. Clave Rocks - Amoretto
8. Summertime Summertime - Nocera
9. Honey To A Bee - Tina B.
10. How Could We Be Wrong - Trinere
11. Arabian Nights - The Latin Rascals
12. Come Get My Love - T.K.A.
13. 8 Arms To Hold You - Goonsquad
14. Only In The Night - Voices In Fashion
15.Because Of You - The Cover Girls
16. Please Don't Go - Nayobe
17. Point Of No Return - Expose
18. Don't Break My Heart - SaFire
19. Come Go With Me - Expose
20. I'll Be All You Ever Need - Trinere
21. Can You Feel The Beat - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
22. When I Hear Music - Debbie Deb
23. Diamond Girl - Nice & Wild
24. Hungry For Your Love - Hanson & Davis

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Track 12 (It will give you an error when extracting)
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Rob said...

WOW Denali did a Freestyle mix, have to check this out...He has some good mixes like his Electro mixes....
Thanks Benz..

Rob said...

Hey Benz, it gave an error when extracting track 12 TKA. Have everything except track 12...

GGNYC said...

Benz ..You're the man! Excellent post! Check out his website at http://www.djsmoothdenali.com/index2.htm .. Thanks for the share Yo!

angellovef said...

thanks for the post. i never understood why Goon Squad is considered Freestyle....WTF?

benz said...

i re-upped this post and hopefully it was mediafire acting up so number 12 should be working!!! yo rob or any of the fam let me know if its fixed, i'm leaving that other link for #12 just in case thanx rob for letting me know!!!!

MastrChief07 said...

It's good to see that Freestyle's still being mixed. Goodlookin' out. Listening to it right now.

GGNYC said...

8 Arms To Hold You by Goonsquad is produced by Arthur Baker in '85 and it falls in the genre Electro, and Freestyle is like the offspring of Electro falling in the genre Electronic. Remember Arthur Baker did the '87 mixes of IOU by Freeez? Some people respond to it as Freestyle..I tell them its Electro. Yet I do agree with angellovef, GoonSquad should've been scratched off the playlist.

benz said...

i def agree with you ggnyc and angellovef about the goonsquad on this mixtape but i guess dj denali thought it's considered freestyle but i'm with you guys it def an electro song!!!

La Borinquena said...

I think your site is dope and would love to download some of these classics.....I am old Skool and this stuff is so hard to find how can I obtain the passwords hon?