Wednesday, June 3, 2009

T.K.A. - Greatest Hits

There is nothing for me to say that you don't already know about these guys!!! T.K.A. stands for Tony, Kayel, & Angel (just in case you didn't know)...They in my opinion are the kings of freestyle music. They got their first big break ironically enough at a sweet 16 birthday party. With an A&R representative from Tommy Boy present to witness their love ballad harmonies over hip-hop beats, TKA were immediately signed in 1987. Later on that year they released Scars of Love, followed by Louder That Love in 1991 and a greatest hits album in 1992. This is a collector's item so enjoy!!! ~~BENZ~~


1. One Way Love
2. Come Get My Love
3 . Scars Of Love
4. Tears May Fall (1992 Remix)
5. X-Ray Vision
6. Don't Be Afraid
7. You Are The One
8. I Won't Give Up On You
9. Crash (Have Some Fun)
10.Give Your Love To Me
11.Louder Than Love
12.I Can't Help It
13.Is It Love?

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GGNYC said...

Thanks Benz.. TKA's "memorable" hits! :)

angellovef said...

this is such an amazing album from start to finish. Listening to this album is just as good as listening to Madonna's Immaculate Collection. All the hits, and no misses!

Rob said...


^Sammy]! said...

what is the password for the download?