Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (The Todd Terry Remixes Pt.2)

Here's MJ's single "Stranger In Moscow" club remixes done by none other than the well known legend we know as Todd Terry. I still have the hard to find 12" promo which I decided not to open. So, I'm putting up the CD versions.*the pic above is for the vinyl 12". But the picture CD sleeve is just about the same and I still don't have my cam. Yet. :P. Anyhow, There were 4 parts in all. 2 of which were by Terry. One was a Hani & another one had R&B mixes. Anyway, I have pt.1 of the Todd Terry remixes somewhere in one of those "encyclopedia with a zipper" packs. My fave from these remixes from Pt.2 are the 'Frozen Sun Club' & the 'Danger Dub' mixes. I've been rocking the MJ tracks and remixes as of late. I used to hear alot of MJ even before his untimely death. I'll miss his stuff for a very long time. Damn, we don't know what we got 'til it's gone.....R.I.P. MJ! =(

1 Stranger In Moscow (Album Version) (5:43)

2 Stranger In Moscow (Tee's Radio Mix) (4:21)

3 Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix) (6:53)

4 Stranger In Moscow (TNT Frozen Sun Mix-Club) (6:49)

5 Stranger In Moscow (Tee's Freeze Radio) (3:45)

6 Stranger In Moscow (TNT Danger Dub) (7:21)

7 Stranger In Moscow (Tee's Light AC Mix) (4:24)

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