Saturday, July 4, 2009

SPECIAL 4th Of July MIX!!! DJ Danny F - Old Freestyle Hip-House Trax & Breaks

Well it's been awhile since I throw a old skool mix up on the blog and I've been getting request for a mix so here is one of many more to come before the summer is over. I also decided to throw a pic of me Deejaying at my saturday spot not sure if I had a few too many For this mix I just wanted to throw some of music that remined me of the Summer back in 88-89. Most of these tracks are made by the same producers like Todd Terry & Frankie "Bones". I did it in one shot session no editing just straight raw mixing. I just think it makes it alittle more fun and memoriable when you do your mix live and without practising to see what song goes with what I just go with the flow...Well Enjoy this Mix everyone and this is A Free 4th of July Mix for everyone no password required.---12inchjunkie aka DJ Danny F


1. Intro
2. Masters At Work - Alright Alright (Club Mix)
3. Orange Lemon - Dreams of Santa Anna
4. Fourplay - Make 'Em Rock (Our Way)(Freestyle Hip Hop Mix)
5. Nitro Deluxe - Let's Get Brutal
6. The Break Boys - And the breaks goes on (Hip House Mix)
7. Black Riot - Warlock
8. - It's just a groove (Soon as the beat felt)(Freestyle Club Mix)
9. 2 Guys On Acid - House music all night long (Club-House Mix)
10. Bonesbreak 3 - Freestyle Acid Band
11. The original Gangsters Of Freestyle - Get the hoe 1989 Dino "B"From Brooklyn Mix
12. Jammix - My Summer Story
13. House without A Home - Turn it up (Freestyle Guido Mix)
14. House without A Home - Full Of Information Running Remix
15. Corporation Of One - The Real Life (Oppy Mix)
16. 2 In A Room - Rock the bells (Of Santa Marie)
17. Club Med - Club Med (Sex on the beach mix)
18. Lake Eerie - The Night (It's over for you)(1018 Club Groove)
19. Lake Eerie - The Night (It's over for you)(54 Percapella)
20. Bonesbreak 3 - Can you feel this


Download Right Here


Chiko Chevere said...

Wow, that mix was crazy. Some of those songs I haven't heard in a long long time, and some I've never heard. And your mixing is ON POINT. Excellent, great job. shit!

Rob said...

Good mix D, I listened to it while assorting my files....Classic material...

Rob said...

Dude, I tried doing a mix with Serato today after you posted one and almost flung Serato out my window. USB Drop outs and distorted audio..I didn't even get into the first mix..AHHHHHH...Getting me tight LOL....

Chiko Chevere said...
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Chiko Chevere said...

Is Serato the standard way you guys do your mixes these days? Just curious. Was this mix done with Serato?

12InchJunkie said...

Thanks for the comments guys, Damm Rob you where getting drop outs? I know that feeling when that happens while trying to make a mix cd. Last night while djing at the club it happen twice. I usually defrag my Hard Drives and something it will stop the drop outs. Try to disable any other programs that are open also like the antirus,internet,etc.. see if it helps. Yeah Chico Chevere serato is what most djs are using now to mix. You still do everything the same is just using your mp3s instead of crates of records.

MastrChief07 said...

Wassup Everyone. Hope everyone had a great 'fourth'. DL'ing your mix right now, 12inch. Thanks.

benz said...

great mix d!!! a banga like always!!!