Thursday, July 23, 2009

D.J. Denali - Freestyle Forever Vol. # 2

What's good Viny Vault Fam!!!! I dont' know if you guys remember last month I posted a freestyle mixtape by DJ Denali , Well I went back to where i brought it and what do you know here goes Vol. #2. Alot of you enjoyed the 1st one so i figured i should post the 2nd part. not to worry no Goonsquad on this one LOL!!! Enjoy Fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Sweet Sensation - Sincerely Yours
2. Giggles - Love Letters
3. Sweet Sensation - Never Let You Go
4. Fascination - Why You Wanna Go
5. Sweet Sensation - Hooked On You
6. TKA - Tears May Fall
7. Monet - Come To Me
8. Noel - Silent Morning
9. TKA - One Way Love
10. George Lamond - Bad Of The Heart
11. TKA - Maria
12. Trilogy - Red Hot
13. Judy Torres - No Reason To Cry
14. Coro - Where Are You Tonite
15. TKA - Scars Of Love
16. Stevie B. - Spring Love
17. Cynthia - Change On Me
18. Lisette Melendez - A Day In My Life
19. Judy Torres - Come Into My Arms
20. Coro - Can't Let You Go
21. Maribell - Roses Are Red
22. Cynthia - Thief Of Hearts
23. Johnny O & Cynthia - Dreamboy Dreamgirl
23. Johnny O - Fantasy Girl

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GGNYC said...

Thanks Benz. finally listened to all of it. The best is the playlist. Lots of fun filled freestyle jams. Now for the bad is ..I feel there was sloppy mixing done with Love Letters and Never Let You Go, Silent Morning with One Way Love...Bad Of The Heart with Maria..--its just the way he uses the crossfader bugs me abit but it stops there. Overall I'll rate it Good-Very Good. 'Nuf said.