Friday, July 3, 2009

Midnight Fantasy - Why Cry?

Classic Underground Freestyle out of Fourth Floor Records, Vocals by Nadia Zino, Produced by Frankie Bones & Tommy Musto. First time I heard this record was thru my brother, reminded me of when he use to scoop me up from my house and we would hit the record shop. I miss the Good Ole..days... I beleive this song has samples from Information Society "Running" Back then sampling was very common with freestyle and House music even today but not as much. Song never really made it on the radio but it was a good freestyle song.---12inchjunkie

Why Cry? (Club Mix) (7:13)
Why Cry? (Hot Mix) (4:50)
Why Cry? (Percapella) (2:30)
Why Cry? (Fantasy Dub) (6:20)
Why Cry? (Bones Break) (4:33)

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