Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coro - Can't Let You Go

While we're on the "Freestyle" tip. Here's another great classic from Freestyle legend Coro "Can't Let You Go". With some production of Todd Terry & background vocals from Anastacia ('One Day In Your Life'). Coro has a new track coming up. Called "Let's Get Away". Look for it on Youtube. I couldn't post up the video on here. Don't know how, sorry. The new track sounds good. Hopefully he'll release more than just that one track. Btw,I had to make due with whatever pics I could come up with. In process of a new camera still, lolol! Peaceout. ~MastrChief07

Robs Edit: I've added the video MasterChief was talking about for you.

Side A:
Can't Let You Go (Extended Dance Mix)
Can't Let You Go (T.N.T.Beats)
Can't Let You Go (Radio Version)
Side B:
Can't Let You Go (House Mix)
Can't Let You Go (Percapella Mix)

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