Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vinyl Vault Trade System Instructions.

Welcome to the Vinyl Vault.It seems that a lot of people are interested on the 12"s we have on the blog. We created a guideline on how to obtain some of the 12"s. These guidelines are being ignored as we're getting numerous e-mails or comments on the CBox requesting passwords. WE ARE NOT going to give you the passwords. I'm going to reiterate the guidelines and hopefully you'll understand them.A hand full of visitors only want one or two 12" from the blog. If you're one of them, this is what you have to do. Let's say "John/Jane Doe" wants Marshall Jefferson-Move Your Body and Maurice-This Is Acid. That's two 12"s. "John/Jane Doe" is going to have to send TWO full 12" or CDs that are before the year 2000 and are not on the blog or any other blog. They have to be Classic House, Freestyle, Techno or Electro in MP3 format with a minimum bit rate of 192kbs. We're also not accepting strictly rhythm records rips because they crack down on their work.Do not send links that are from another blog or tracks that are already posted on other blogs. I will not doubt that we already have our own copies of it. Hence, the reason it's not on our blog. "John/Jane Doe" will send us an e-mail with the download links he/she is trading with. We'll make sure it's a legit trade and once it's verified, we'll LIFT the password off of those two posts. You WILL NOT GET THE PASSWORD. We'll temporarily lift the password off of the Marshall Jefferson and Maurice posts in order for you to download. Once we see the download number increment by one, the password will go right back on. I know some of you will be hesitant with it but we're not here to screw you over. We've already traded with numerous visitors and received only one complaint. That complaint was, it wasn't what I expected. If you're expecting quality like in a digital store then I suggest you go with your first instinct. These trades are either vinyl or cd rips. We don't have the same equipment or technical expertise to do professional rips. On another note, don't send a two track rip for an album. Trade an album for an album. We're catching a lot of shady characters out there and assume that being polite in an e-mail is going to get them the password. It's not happening. We appreciate the kudos we're getting but this is the best solution for the serious fans of Classic House, Freestyle, Techno and more.. We're currently not accepting PayPal donations. Spend your money on buying the artists work via Beatport, Traxsource, Turntable Lab, Discogs, Juno UK, Clone NL, Juno Download, Master Beat, Perfect Beat or any other digital store.
Hopefully this clears up the "confusion".
Thanks for understanding..
12InchJunkie, Rob & The Vinyl Vault family....