Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's A Wishlist That We Are Looking For!

These are 12's that friends from my blog are looking for, If you have the full 12inch please email me with your contribution. Thanks to all and A special thanks to Rob, Raul C (My partner in crime), & Badbootydaddy5 For your contribution and help to the blog! Lets keep it going!

1. Reality - Wanna Get Busy ( Strictly Rhythm)
2. Max Q - Sometimes (The 12 inch with the Todd Terry dub)
3. Fresh - Dum-Dum
4. Fresh - Dum Dum Part 2
5. Various - Acid Trax 3
6. Jesse Velez - Super Rhythm Trax
7. Vincent Lawrence - Virgo Tracks Again
8. Master C & J - When You Hold Me
9. Radio Fashion - What You Deserve
10. J.R.'s House Co.* - It's About House
11. Bart Starr - Way To Go Homer

And if anyone has 12s From The Maxi Label which Rob Posted before Hit us up also!

1 comment:

Historia Tercero J said...

Quisiera descargar Way To Go Homer...
Si consiguen la canciĆ³n me la pueden mandar a el.pablo.bkn@gmail.com