Monday, September 21, 2009

Inner City - Big Fun

Inner City is an American music group formed in Detroit in 1987. The group is composed of producer and composer Kevin Saunderson and Chicago native Paris Grey. Kevin Saunderson is renowned as one of the Belleville Three (along with Juan Atkins and Derrick May), high school friends who later originated the Detroit Techno sound.

Inner City topped dance charts in America and Britain 11 times, hit the UK Top 40 eight times and sold around 6 million records. The group is best known for their early dancefloor / pop music crossover tracks "Big Fun" (UK #8, US Dance #1) and "Good Life" (UK #4, US Dance #1). Other hits include "Do You Love What You Feel" (UK #16, US Dance #1) and "Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin'" (UK #12, US Dance #8). The music videos to these songs received significant airplay throughout the world. Later work introduced a hybrid of techno, jazz and swing beats with a more soulful sound in the vein of downtempo British groups like Soul II Soul and Massive Attack. The group recorded three albums for Virgin Records and one single for Columbia/SME Records Source: Answers.Com

1 Big Fun (Radio Fun)
2 Big Fun (Remix)
3 Big Fun (Juan's Magic Remix)

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