Friday, September 4, 2009

A Tribute To Vinyl Vault Mix By BFiggy DJ

Here's A Tribute mix done by my brother BFiggy DJ, He has done a few mixes for the blog. This mix consist of 12's that we posted in the past just by the look at the track list this mix looks good. This Blog has already made a year this past August since I created it with Rob and it's still going with postings almost everyday and over 734 posts! And of course we do have our ups & downs with our blog but we still try to do our best to stay on top. I have seen blogs that opened around the same time as we did and they already shut down maybe because they lost interest with it or just didn't have the time to post on a regular basis...I actually miss those blogs and wish they would continue to post there music. I myself at times don't do alot of postings for the reasons of what I do besides the blog like DJing, Working my regualr 9-5 job, & my personal life with my Family and our Authors do the same as well. Vinyl Vault still has tons and tons of music to post, I'm always ordering old 12's that I didn't have back in the days thru discogs or ripping vinyl that I still have in milk crates. We got a few authors that does postings and that's a big help for us and it also keeps the blog going. And all of this is done with love for the music we gotten offered money to download our 12's and we told them no! If you want to give money send it to the artist or go and buy their music they deserve it. So let's keep the movement going and enjoy our postings! ---12inchjunkie, Rob, Chicagojackin, MastrChief07, benz, Summonedknight, Herk, & GGNYC


01 Love Can't Turn Around - Farley Jackmaster Funk
02 Band to the Beat - Pain
03 Makossa Free Beats - Nairobi
04 Let it Roll - Doug Lazy
05 Sweat - Jay Williams
06 Nu Nu - Lidell Townsell
07 Jack your Body - Steve Silk Hurley
08 H.O.U.S.E. - Doug Lazy
09 Everybody - Wendell Williams
10 Call it Techno - Frankie Bones
11 My House - Nelson FFWD Cruz
12 Don't Knock it - B.O.S.E.
13 O Fortuna - Apotheosis
14 The Wave of the Future - Quadrophonia
15 X'99 - Junior Vasquez

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MastrChief07 said...

Wassup V V Fam!! Been awhile. Thanks for what Dan & Rob has done. I feel grateful for being part of such a great blog and people. For sure Either Saturday or Sunday I'll be able to post up something. I recently got a 12" that I friggin' 'sweat' so much. Meaning I like the song so damn much I think my iPod/radio in my ride just about had it with me, lol. I'll post more about it when I do finally put it up. Until then stay focused and safe, y'all. This blog is about what we celebrate real music and pioneering Dj's,producers, artists etc that make us go nuts in listening to these great tracks on here. Also, don't forget to leave a comment, a smiley at least in the comments within the post of the single/albums posted. It does make a difference to hear the appreciation after the work it goes through in putting these up and not only time consuming. Well, enjoy this three day weekend(for some) I already agreed working a couple of hours tomorrow :T dammit. But a half a day no less. Anyway,I wrote a book already,lol. Here's to more years on Vinyl Vault. Cheers everyone!! Great job once again to all. Peace!! ~Marc

12InchJunkie said...

I really enjoyed listening to this mix the variety of tracks from different years made this mix fun to listen to.

GGNYC said...

I enjoy this blog very much. Cheers! to BFiggy DJ for this fun classic mix..Cheers! to the admins and authors for their hard work. Thanks again VinylVault! Keep it up everyone! Don't Stop The Music!!