Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sandee - Only Time Will Tell

Sandee' - performed with Menudo (featuring Ricky Martin) and The Cover Girls on a national Concert Tour. Sandee' is a native of South Florida, Sandra aka “Sandee” Casanas has always been known for embracing a Latin-influenced style of dance music. Sandee (whose name is pronounced Sahn-day) who along with another dance diva, Aléjandra aka “Alé” Lorenzo (“I Wanna Know” and “Stop Me if I Fall in Love”) and Laurie Miller, was one of the original members of the Grammy nominated all-girl trio that would later take over the charts and airwaves throughout the 90s. The original girl band, which was the brainchild of dance producer, Lewis Martinee, was called X-Posed. The name of the group would later be changed to what we all know it today as Exposé.

The name wasn’t the only thing that had changed since the group was first assembled back in 1984. Sandee recorded the original versions of “Exposed to Love” and “Point of No Return” – both of which were major club hits and the later a major radio hit. After these two singles, the then original lineup of Exposé had split up. By the time Exposé was ready to record its third single, “Come Go With Me”, an entirely new lineup was in place. This time the members of the group consisted of Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado and Gioia Bruno.

For Exposé’s first album, “Exposure”, Martinee choose to re-record the group’s first two hits, “Point of No Return” and “Exposed to Love” - using the new lineup’s vocals. Although the original single version of “Point of No Return” had already hit the market, Sandee’s voice is no where to be heard on the group’s debut album.

Exposé and the girls of the group went on to become practically a household name. The group continued to dominate the charts and make Freestyle history with their huge crossover success.

After Sandee’s stint as one of the original members of this remarkable group, she went on to pursue a solo career with a few successes of her own. She enjoyed a club hit titled “Notice Me” – a track considered to be a classic Freestyle jam by many. “Notice Me”, ironically enough, was released on Fever Records – home of yet another very successful all-girl Freestyle trio group, The Cover Girls. Later, Sandee went on to record her solo album, “Only Time Will Tell”, which included the mega hit single "Love Desire”.

Sadly, on December 15, 2008, the music world lost a freestyle dance music icon when Sandee' passed away in Hollywood, Florida.

Source: discogs

Love Desire (5:32)

Take Me Higher (5:38)

Gotta Let You Go (4:59)

You're Number One (4:30)

Notice Me (4:12)

We Can Go On (4:14)

Only Time Will Tell (4:47)

Maybe Tonight (4:57)

Notice Me (Notice The House Mix) (6:18)

Doctors Orders (4:32)

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Rob said...

Thanks Benz for the album. May she rest in RIP and thanks for sharing your beautiful voice with us.