Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Blog To Check Out!!!

What's up Vinyl Vault Family & Fans..! My Brother just opened up his own blog and I want everyone to check it out! He's goes by BFiggy, He has posted mixes on here for sometime and now he has his own blog. He made it for strictly mixes and other DJ mixes. So stop by and check it out!---12inchjunkie

Here's the Link


Rob said...

There you go, that's what I'm talking about...Congrats BFiggy and best wishes.

GGNYC said...

Yea! Here's to 'ol school flava.. Cheers BFiggy! Let's check it out!

benz said...

I already got that bookmarked!!! Thanks D and thanks BFiggy for maintaining the ol school and keepin it alive for us and future generations!!!