Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Noel - Silent Morning

Thanks goes out to Rafael from Brazil for sharing this record with the Blog. Everyone knows this Freestyle record and was a major club hit back in the days. Remixed by Little Louie Vega, & Some additional people helped on putting this record together also like David Cole, Roman Ricardo, & Notty Cotto. Classic!---12inchjunkie


Silent Morning (12" Club) (6:59)
Silent Morning (Percapella) (3:12)
Silent Morning (1018 Dub) (6:46)
Silent Morning (Hearthrob) (5:12)

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GGNYC said...

Amazing how this blog could reach as far as Brazil! Great post 12inchjunkie Cheers to Rafael for the share.. I didn't have a clean copy 'til now .. 320K :) LOL. A great Summer classic! Little Louie Vega did a nice remix of Silent Morning way back then --'87 for 103WQHT.. Those were the days...

Rob said...

Yup we have visitors from every where. Mexico, Italy, Chile, PR, Brazil, Argentina That's just from the e-mails I've received. This was a great clean rip. Thanks Rafael.