Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two Without Hats - B.D.V. Count Down "Girls Out On The Floor"

I'm finally back, You Know What This Is "LP Version" My Fav. "Wepa" & this should of never left your playlist to this day period. ((Classik)) "Wepa"

A1. B.D.V. Count Down (Bits & Pieces Club Mix)
A2. B.D.V. Count Down (The New Sounds Radio Mix)
A3. B.D.V. Count Down (The Wepa Man Kicks Live Mix)

B1. B.D.V. Count Down (B.D.V. Count Down LP Mix)
B2. B.D.V. Count Down (The XY77 Fierce Club Mix)
B3. B.D.V. Count Down (Terminator Holivic Mix)


12InchJunkie said...

Classic Shit! Good Post Herk!

benz said...

this was my shit back in the dayz !!!! si tu eres boriqua de verdad diga me wepa!!!! great classic post!!!

angellovef said...

Girl out on the floor...just move!

Rob said...

Classic, classic Ahhhh the memories..

GGNYC said...

//Las mujeres de alla me la llevo...FUAAA!!// Nice post Herk! Old school sample: Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag.. :)

djnice06 said...

whats up looking for this i love this weeeppaaa Two Without Hats - B.D.V. Count Down "Girls Out On The Floor"" pass pls