Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12inchjunkie Change Of Email Update!!!

What's up Vinyl Vault Family! Just to update everyone, I created a new email address and it's going to be danfig29@gmail.com. So for any info, request's, anything that has to do with vinylvault please send to my new email. I had to make this change for the reason that I started receiving too many spam, and junk mail to the point that it's out of control! I got so frustrated with it that I can't keep up with my personal incoming mails. So If you sent me an email and I haven't responded to you please send to danfig29@gmail.com. Thanks So Much! ----12inchjunkie


GGNYC said...

I updated your info D thanks....

angellovef said...

Hey DJ Dan....i read somewhere that if you post your email address up on the internet, you should post it in this format to not get spammed:


Then you can post a sentence after that to say "remove NOSPAM_" portion before emailing you.

There are programs out there that read the internet and copy email addresses when they find the @ symbol. If they copy this one, it will end up nowhere because it's not a real email address. And of course a human reading your email address can remove the "NOSPAM_" portion.

just thought i'd share with you. hope it works out better for ya.