Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sugar Bear - Don't Scandalise Mine / Ready To Penetrate

If you check discogs they have this categorize as Hip-House & Hip Hop. You make the choice what you think it is. To me it sounds more towards the hip hop But this easily around 120 bpms or so and this could go well into a hip house mix and the track I'm talking about is "Don't Scandalise Mine". Alittle Rob Base-ish...But I like it! And this is a classic. Ready to penetrate is definitely hip hop. But check it out for yourself fellas..!---12inchjunkie


Don't Scandalize Mine (Vocal Mix) 4:12
Don't Scandalize Mine (Instrumental) 4:25
Ready To Penetrate (Radio Mix) 5:36
Ready To Penetrate (Dub Mix) 4:38

Label: Next Plateau Records Inc.
Catalog #: NP 50085
Format: Vinyl 12inch Rip
Released: 1988
Style: Hip-House, Hip Hop

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HeRk said...

Yo G I'm Ready To Penatrate - they use to bang this on power 99

kaneja said...

where do i get the pword to download?