Friday, October 30, 2009

A New Blog Announcement For Everyone!

Alright Guys I just created a New Blog & I kept it to myself about it for some time and I figure I would surprise everyone about it today. Its called "Old Radio Mixtapes Vault" This blog that I created will feature only Old School Radio Mixes and DJ Mixes from the 70's,80's & Early 90's! Most Radio mixes will be from the old Hot 97, 92 KTU, 103.5, 98.7 Kiss Fm & More... The Reason why I made this blog just for mixes so that It can attract people that also have mixtapes that they would like to share. I read forums with people asking other's where can they find old school NYC Radio Mixes to download? Well this is going to be the blog that will have it! And just like Vinyl Vault I'm hoping to get alot of attention for this blog and it will also bring traffic to Vinyl Vault. I have tons of radio mixes to post and I'm excited about this...I'm still constructing the blog but I have it up and Running so head over there now to check it out!---12inchjunkie


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