Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frankie Bones Live London Club UK Final Frontier March 29 1996

Ok I just digged this Tape out of my attic somewhere between crates of records and I also found a shit load of other mix tapes that I'm going to rip. I get excited when I find tapes or vinyl that I haven't seen in awhile! lol. Well I brought this tape back in 1996 when sonic groove was opened in Manhattan and right across the street was vinyl mania. I actually went to the store just to buy a mix tape that day and Frankie bones was working behind the cash register and I asked him if he had any new tapes with Techno or House. So he hit me off with this one which he made like 2 days ago live in London UK. And if your a fan of Frankie Bones style and music selection this tape is a must! He just rips it all the way thru...! He got some great Techno tracks in here...Now just to let everyone know that I haven't seen this tape posted anywhere at ALL in any site, blog, or P2P sharing programs. So I can say that I'm the first person to post this up! This is very RARE...Sorry that I don't have a track listing for this, I might know 2 tracks off my head from this tape. Enjoy VinylVault Fam!!!----12inchjunkie

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Frederick said...

Shouts for sure! Rippin up ear wax with steel wool and ajax…gotta hear this…