Thursday, October 29, 2009

DJ Danny F - Old Haunted House Mix

Stare at this picture for alittle while before you go to sleep and see if you will have When I first saw The Exorcist I couldn't sleep well for days...what a disturbing movie. Well I was trying to get creative with this very short mix i did. I picked out old school house tracks that I though have that halloween feel. Towards the end I threw in an industrial track from Front 242 if you never heard of industrial music I recommend you check out Front 242 albums great stuff! Well here it is! It's not really for dancing more for just listening. Peep it out and Happy Halloween!----12inchjunkie

1. Liaisons D - Faces of horror
2. Asylum - Voicez
3. Sax - Don't turn your back on me (Halloween Mix)
4. Bam Bam - Where's your child
5. Da Noyz boyz - The Myth
6. LaTour - People are still having sex
7. Sweet Exorcist - Testhree
8. How & Little - Mother Night (Satanic Mix)
9. Caped Crusader - There's a bat in my house
10.Le' Noiz - I'm scared
11. Front 242 - Welcome to pradise
12. The KLF - What time is love?

Label: A Vinyl Vault Production
Catalog #:
Format: mp3
Released: 10.29.2009
Genre: House/Techno/Industrial

Trick Or Treat...?
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