Sunday, August 16, 2009

Apotheosis-O Fortuna

After Rob posted the Apotheosis joint I thought I'd dig this out. I didn't think I had it anymore. I was gonna post up a track that I have found here looong ago. Actually that's how I found Vinyl Vault. My first DL from here. I recently bought the 12" and I'll post it up later if I can. Anyways, Not much I remember when buying this classic single (Apotheosis). I think it was at or around Tower Records in the village, NYC or somewhere in Bleecker Street. No one had the vinyl just CD singles. Anyway, if I remember correctly they had this playing and I remember people nodding their heads to this. Of course I was looking to see what was a hot item for people when in fact that's what you want to play, lol. So I had asked for it and well there you go. I never did like this much. Probably didn't get as much into it, lol. But enjoy! ~MastrChief07

1 O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus Mix) (5:10)
2 O Fortuna (7" Edit) (3:38)
3 O Fortuna (Live Action Remix) (5:05)
4 The Volume Is Loud (Violent Mix) (5:07)

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12InchJunkie said...

When this track use to drop @ the Limelight In Manhattan People use to go nuts! And Since the Club was a former Church the song went great with the Atmosphere. There's also a later version of this that I think came out around 1999 on a Black label I can't remember the record label but it was a really good remix and I wish I had the full 12. I'm gotta do some hunting for it need it! Good Post!

MastrChief07 said...

Werd, 12inch. :)