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Baron Lopez - Baron Lopez Mix

I decided to post a mini mix by this legendary NY DJ Baron Lopez! I believe he's one of the first to do remixes for Salsa Songs...This man has skills DJing I have seen him live at a club I use to go to and he just knows how to put it on! Here's the Bio of Him and don't forget to download this mix if you don't have it.

Baron Lopez, born in the South Bronx of New York a/k/a “Condado de La Salsa” on September 2nd, quite a few years ago. Born the third child of Buenaventura Olivo and the third child of Pedro Lopez Arroyo, Baron was destined for glory.

Baron developed a love for music at an early age - according to most people around the age of five. However, his passion for music deepened while viewing DJs such as “DJ Hollywood”, “Grand Master Flash”, “Charlie Chase” and “Kool Herc” in festivals all over the city during the ‘70s.
He began his career as a Hip Hop DJ cutting up records like “Jam on the Groove” by Ralph McDonald and “Take me to the Mardi Gras” by Bob James, while at the same time, buying Disco Music. Baron was the DJ at parties being held at “The Hunts Point Palace” and “St. Athanasius” in the Bronx and this helped build his name in the industry. This took him to other levels while meeting artists, producers, A&R of Record Labels which would later request his talents for upcoming projects.
In 1981, Baron landed his first steady job as the DJ at “The Skating Palace” in the Bronx. He began listening to KISS FM and “DJ Shep Pettibone” whom inspired Baron through his remixing techniques on the radio to obtain the knowledge on remixing.
The following year, he goes to the first and only club in NYC “Bonds International”.
In 1983, he emerges in Puerto Rico due to personal issues that need to be resolved. During this time, Baron decides to scout the clubs and see how advanced the DJs and the music really are. To his amazement, because of the knowledge he had acquired in New York on remixing, he was easily accepted and recognized immediately. Considering all his talent and his natural flow, it was difficult to enter the industry. Baron took a detour and became a lightman at a club called “Hollywood Disco” which only enhanced his hunger to become the club’s DJ.
The day came, when there was a DJ contest at “Hollywood Disco”. Ironically, Baron is not a competitive person, but his friends and peers fully knowing his talents, convinced him to enter the contest. Upon discovery by the judges’ of Baron’s employment at the club, and adamantly not wanting to disqualify him, they choose to select him as second. It was clear that the judges’ curiosity and respect were piqued by Baron’s talent. When Baron came up to the turntables and started remixing, the judges’ stood up to see if he was mixing live or if it was a remixed record. Thus, began Baron’s legendary career in Puerto Rico as one of the most innovative and creative DJ’s in the industry.
Baron Lopez’ recognition in Puerto Rico grew to legendary proportion. He worked the entire island’s top clubs including “Camelot”, “Disco Patin”, “Lazer’s”, “Hollywood in Bayamon”, “Babalou’s” (where the Dupont Plaza burned down), “Amadeus”, “Flamingo Road”, “Peggy Sue”, “Egypto” and “Bellini’s”.
The Remixer

In 1986, Baron’s knowledge on remixing now opens the doors to radio stations. He went to many radio stations in Puerto Rico with no success. Then he went to X100, which was listed 15, 16 or 12 in the radio books even after considering that they were playing top 40s. While at X100, he pitched his idea to the President, Roberto Davila, and the Programming Director, Nestor Perez, to do exclusive remixes for their radio station in regular rotation and they embraced the idea. Baron was given the opportunity to remix dance, free-style, Salsa and Merengue. Six months later, the radio station moves up to 5 on the charts. Baron’s work was so impressive that Cosmo 94, the 1 station on the western region asked him to come on board. This made Baron the only DJ to simultaneously work in the island’s top two stations. After three years with both stations, he went to work at KQ 105, playing an integral role in making the station 1.

My mentors for editing for the radio stations were “The Latin Rascals” and my master & brother “Jose ‘Chep’ Nunez”

In the summer of 1987, X100 ties with KQ 105 for the 1 spot on the charts, mostly due to Baron’s work. Then the rest of the stations got hip to the idea and hired DJs to follow Baron’s lead. This led to the three opening free-style concerts that Baron did in “El Coliseito”. In 1988 there is a free-style explosion, and there emerges the Tribute to Baron entitled “Baron ‘88” done on January 2, 1988 at the “Coliseo Roberto Clemente”. During this tribute, the attendance of approximately 6,000 people was present and patiently waiting to view Baron Lopez spin. Artists such as Judy Torres, La Girls, Fascination and others came to commemorate Baron Lopez. This heightened Baron’s respect for his public and the awareness that he could never defraud his followers.

In 1998, Baron got his introduction to the New York radio market by doing guest spots for Paco’s SUPERMIX. The SUPERMIX was so popular that the station’s programmer asked him to become a regular MEGA MEZCLA DJ.

Baron Lopez is one of those names that come to minds every time one talks about the best remixers in the Latin side of things, old school salsa remixes and great legendary Latin DJs.

Baron is one of today’s most popular and respected DJ’s and remix expert. He was the MEGA MEZCLA DJ for New York’s 1 Latin radio station MEGA 97.9, LATINO MIX Free Style Flashback, and 1 Dance music radio station 103.5 KTU, one of the nation’s most popular radio shows. Programming his special tailored Reggaeton remixes which uniquely transforms popular Hip Hop, Freestyle and Tropical music into unprecedented Reggaeton hits which many DJs constantly search for.

His talent and versatility have made him one of the top DJs in the country and abroad. He regularly spins at many major venues in NYC and the biggest events around the world such as the Winter Music Conference (WMC), and other world renowned tropical festivals.

Baron was responsible for the critically acclaimed and popular Salsa and Reggaeton remixes released by Combo Records featuring some of the hottest “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico” classic hits. Baron has utilized his experience and skills as a great club DJ implementing them in every remix he realizes.


Baron Lopez then introduces himself to TV and works in the program “PartyTime” for WAPA TV and “Alto Voltage” on Telemundo P.R.

Prime Records then brings Baron on-board as Producer and A&R for their Record Label. Baron is hired to produce Vico C’s “Hispanic Soul”, “Explocion (full cd)”, “Vico C Gold” among other.

Lopez has devoted most of his time to producing works with the biggest names in the industry. The list of artist’s include such greats as: Vico C, Tito Rojas, Fransheska, DLG, Jerry Rivera, Band Loca, Tono Rosario, Nino Segarra, and Wilfredo Vargas.

In 2006, he began producing songs for K7. Baron was a big asset in reuniting most of the talent and also produced music for the real Reggaeton Documentary Movie from the true beginning of when Spanish Rap evolved into Reggaeton entitled “Straight out of Puerto Rico: Reggaeton - Rough Road to Glory”.


Only a visionary as Baron, could concoct such ideas that would deem him unique and creative. As an innovator, Baron was responsible for many firsts such as:

- First DJ to do a Spanish Hip Hop/Rap record before Vico C and Ruben J entitled “Las Drogas Matan” by D. Squad.

- First to remix Salsa.

- First to do 12” Salsa and Merengue remix with six different versions of the same song.

- First DJ to do a Concert/Party that attracted an attendance of such multitude.

- Quoted by DJ Adam (Tego Calderon’s DJ) “Baron Lopez was going to be the first to come out with a Hip Hop Compilation with various artist before Playero and The Noise, but due to disagreements with the Executive Production, the record was never released.”

- First DJ to work simultaneously in two radio stations in Puerto Rico.

Baron Lopez is still young, very meek, talented and very professional. So the future looks very promising for this innovative talent. Be sure to check out his site very well, and definitely make sure you don’t miss the next Baron Lopez Website, Production, or Remix. It will always be an unforgettable experience.


Baron Lopez - Baron Lopez Mix

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