Friday, August 7, 2009

Nairobi - Funky Soul Makossa

A classic electro monster! I remember finding this record in the garbage can in the church that I use to attend to when I was around 8 yrs old, and I was with a couple of my friends from church and i was curious about this record but didn't know what song it was when I heard one of my
friends say, "Oh Shit that funky soul makossa! that song is fresh!" And I looked at him and said really? well I'm taking it home with me to hear it! He tried to flip the script and said nah that aint that song though...that has some corny mixes on there... I said yeah right! whatever! I took it home with me and when I played it in my parents big wooden stereo with the 8 track player and the record player with 78rpms I fell in love with these electro b-boy beats and made it a keeper in my little pile of albums Menudo, Kiss, & I think I had a Michael Jackson Album. I wasn't thinking of being a dj yet I was still into toys and being outside with my friends playing in the dirt! Download this banger it's a must!---12inchjunkie

A1 Funky Soul Makossa (Rap) (7:27)
A2 Funky Soul Makossa (Free Beats) (6:42)
B1 Funky Soul Makossa (8:15)
B2 Makossa Jam (Instrumental) (6:04)

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HeRk said...

Free Beats is the Truth!! Major Classic!! I just ripped the repress on warlock with "It's yours" on flip. Thanks

MastrChief07 said...

Classic. Let's breakdance. Anyone? Electric boogie, y'all. UGH!! :p