Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Veronica - Release Me (Let Me Go)

I had to put this up after Rob's Veronica post. I forgot. How could I forget when I listen to this frequently in my iPod and my ride, LOL. I remember first hearing this and first thing I did was jet over to the record shops for this. The Vicious Dub is ill which I totally raise the volume up always. I love this track. It's one of my favorites. Many memories from this single. From dancing my ass off with my best friend (I may have been blitz,lol!) to meeting Veronica and getting her autograph on one of the singles I bought for her to sign. She has some set of vocals man. I remember hearing her last single "The Way He Makes Me Feel". I have the Fricia & Lamboy Mix. If anyone has the full mixes please do tell. Enjoy this slammin' track. Btw, I couldn't find the photo for this release so I had to opt for what was available of course. Anyone has any pics of the labels to add with the pic above I appreciate it. Peace. ~MastrChief07

A Release Me (Let Me Go) (Johnny Vicious Club Mix) (8:47)
B1 Release Me (Let Me Go) (Razor N' Guido Dub) (7:57)
B2 Release Me (Let Me Go) (Vicious Wave Of The Future Dub) (7:13)

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angellovef said...

veronica is such a great artist. i am loving every single one of her releases too. I havent had the chance to meet her yet, but she did email me on myspace. :)

benz said...

i so love this song!!!!!!!!! the johnny vicious mix is the best of all of them!! great post!!!

MastrChief07 said...

I totally agree. It's one of those joints that you can hear over again and say "aaaah sssssssit!" every time. The clubs goes nuts at the sound of either the club or the dub version. Johnny Vicious killed this indeed.