Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bad Boy Bill - The 1st Revelation

Most of you recognize this name Bad Boy Bill out of Chicago, This guy is a beast! If you never heard any of his mix tapes or mix shows do a research on him online you might be able to find some of his mixes. This is one of his records that he released back in 1988 and all 4 cuts are slammin'! Acid House Chicago Style! I wanna give thanks to Freestyle Joker straight from Chicago who I got this from, He's a new member of the blog that you will start seeing more often ----12inchjunkie

I Can't Wait For Love
A Night On A Trip
Acid Sexx
Download Right Here

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MastrChief07 said...

I remember going to look for any Bad Boy Bill vinyls whenever I got the chance. I have a couple of 'Bills'. I will look for them. I would probably have time after Christmas though. It's been hectic. Glad I'm home. My day couldn't end smoothly. Friggin' slipped and landed on my knee and broke my fall with my right hand. My elbow is hurtin'. Glad II hate this friggin' artic weather. >:T