Tuesday, December 30, 2008

D'Zyre - Forever Amo'r

Here's A contribution from Freestyle Joker this is a maxi-single but it has the same cuts as the regular full 12 inch. Classic Hot Freestyle from the Chicago duet D'Zyre I'm sure everyone remember this song. Thanks for Sharing Freestyle Joker!---12inchjunkie

Forever Amo'r (Club Mix) (3:47)
Forever Amo'r (Radio Mix) (5:24)
Forever Amo'r (Smooth Dub) (6:45)
Forever Amo'r (Club Noise Mix) (4:59)
Forever Amo'r (Double J Mix) (5:56)
Forever Amo'r (Hip House) (5:35)

Download Right Here

Here goes the 1991 version performed by Innefect.
Download Right Here


chicagojackin said...

Excellent post thank you.Don't no if this a mistake on discogs or not,but all other versions of this record have the radio mix at(3:47) and the club verion as (5:24).Also does anyone have the original green label version from 1988.With the original singers Troy Guy,Eric G.,Cruzitia the original female singer.This verion is with Troy Guy and Andrea.Also if anyone has the Innefect version which had Eric G. and Cruzitia.

chicagojackin said...

Here is history of this record i found online an at youtube if anyone is interested.History of First "Forever A'mor" track: First off this song was never meant to be out or at least the original version from the green label 12" record which had the original singers Troy Guy as leads Eric G. as background & Cruzitia the original girl singer. Well, Mickey Oliver the Original Producer decided to take his real to reels he was using for himself only in the club he mixed at. Well, He took the reels after getting so much great feedback He pressed 3000 Green Label Bootlegs of the Original Version n '89 and it was only Available threw Hot Jams Records out of Chicago. After Troy found out what Mickey did he left the Original Line Up and Signed with DJ International in 1990 and made his Version under the New Name D'Zyre with Andréa. This Pissing Mickey Oliver off He got Eric G. and Cruzitia and they did their Version in '91 on Saber Records under the Original Groups name IN-EFFECT ... and that's when All the Lawsuits happened and so on. Troy went on and did "Games Of Love" under D'Zyre, then another track "I'll Be Your Lover" on Artistik Records under the name Xnerio and Lastly his track called "Inside Your Love" on Boss Records under the name Troy Guy. Well, Eric G. went on and did 2 More Songs on Rio Records "Baby You Are The One" & "Here I Go Again."

Rob said...

Good info Chicagojackin, I recall downloading multiple versions of Forever Amo'r. I'll check it out and see if they're it. Happy New Year....

Freestyle Joker said...

I have In Effect - Forever Amor and Baby You Are The One. I will pass them on after New Years.

12InchJunkie said...

I actually posted the wrong cover for this post since this is a maxi single so I just posted the 12 inch from discog. Good info on this track Chicagojackin.

12InchJunkie said...

Freestyle Joker you can send me what you mentioned whenever you want for posting. I atually amped up the forever amor if you want to redownloaded it's in 320 bit rate.

MastrChief07 said...

Slammin' classic. Freestyle flavor at it's best. Another great post. I still rock this outta my truck every now and then.

chicagojackin said...

Happy New Year guys

chicagojackin said...

Thanks Freestyle Joker