Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Seven Grand Housing Authority-I Wanna Go Higher

Terrence Parker proves once again why he is destined to be a legend of house on this 10 inch that is every bit as warm as its bright yellow color. The A side opens with a subtle high-hat line that you can use to sneak the record into the mix on an unsuspecting crowd, stopping the other record cold just in time for the sharp claps and gospel choir diva vocal belting out the song's title. Then, if the crowd isn't already hooting and hollering for more, sassy organ licks drop in, making way for a full-on revival experience on your dancefloor!

Flip the disc over and...whoa. Warm, luscious synth pads herald the arrival of the gospel divas, encouraged by a beautiful, echoing piano line. Like I said before, perfect for fall...or winter snow. It's almost enough to bring tears to your eyes.... Source: ----- Summonedknight

P.S : I Clean as much as i could but with these colored vinyl they tend to pick up more pops then reg vinyl!

A I Wanna Go Higher (The Spiritual Mix)
B I Wanna Go Higher (The Shivering Tales Mix)

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