Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's DJ Mixes Thursday!!! Presenting with Armand Van Helden!

It's Thursday DJ Mixes Day!!! Like we said we will devote thursday for DJ mixes! This Thursday special we got Armand Van Helden continous underground house mix...This mix Cd was released in 1994 and we used all Empire State Records for this. All the cuts on here is very undergound New York Sound. If anyone has any Empire State 12inches please send to me for posting. I really liked this label they put out some good tracks. Peep this mix out and I think you will like it too.----12inchjunkie

1 2 Clues - House Forever
2 Boogie Balo - Don't Shut Me Out
3 Lordez - I Feel The Beat(Dub II)
4 Chronic - Dance Now
5 2 Clues - I Can Feel It
6 Boogie Balo - No Felicia
7 2 Clues - Chant
8 Hy-Boi - Blasted (That Kid'z Trip Mix)
9 Gods Of The Underworld - Realm I
10 Chronic - Uh-huh
11 Black Keys - Tones
12 Boogie Balo - Keep It Simple
13 Black Keys - Sexy Whisper 2

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