Monday, December 15, 2008

Need Your Help!!!!

One of my favorite House Labels from back in the days. I'm trying to collect all of there 12's and I have almost all of them...! Below I listed the ones that I'm missing and if any of you guy's have them would you please send it to me. I will trade you any other nu groove vinyl that your looking for yourself. Thanks For Your Help----12inchjunkie

NG 014 Roqui Lover
NG 026 Emjay (4) Come 'N Get It
NG 027 Total Science (2) Featuring Freedom (8) Freedom
NG 028 Mikey Jarrett Husslin Slowdown / Chartbuster
NG 029 DTR Featuring Marilyn Sareo* Journey Into A Dream
NG 030 Power House 2
NG 032 Lisa Lee When Can I Call You
NG 037 Emanon (2) I Came Back To Party
NG 041 Foremost Poets Reasons To Be Dismal?
NG 042 Asia Love You Should Be Here
NG 059 Camacho's Project Featuring Regina Wilson Slave
NG 101 Mandatory Bass Got Me Groovin'
NG 109 Freddie Fresh & Hidden Rhythm B.O.O.M.
NG 110 K.A.T.O.* 6:15 PM

***AND NG 018 But I don't see this listed on discogs***

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