Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frankie Bones - Bonesbreaks Volume 2

First of all I want to give a big thanks to one of the second guy to contribute to the blog when I first open vinylvault "Bigdaddybooty5" He had sent plenty of vinyl to post up but I didn't get to post what he sent because most of his mp3s wouldn't play. And I think he got turned off and I haven't heard from the guy ever since. But this post goes out to him. Classic frankie bones bonesbreak all the cuts are great on this my favorite being At My House, Funky Acid Makossa, Shafted Off & Bacardi 151 Beats. I posted this up by special request from Raul C.

And The Break Goes Acid (The Break Boys / U.K. Acid Remix) (3:51)
At My House (The Apachies / N.Y. Acid Dust Mix) (5:25)
Funky Acid Makossa (The Apachies / Acid Beats) (4:03)
Basic Break Tracks (3:34)
Shafted Off (4:02)
On The The Beat Now (Ramo's Revenge) (4:34)
Bacardi 151 Beats (5:27)
Jamming Breakdown 2 (1:49)


MastrChief07 said...

Great. Love the Freestyle bits in some of these. Thank you. Frankie Bones was wild with his breaks.

chicagojackin said...

Hey,What's up no i'm sorry Dj Danny i been so busy lately.I'm still here haven't quit on you guys.I sent Rob the last two records.I haven't saw them posted yet.I did re do them and checked them a few times.Please Dj Danny or Rob let me no if your ready for me to send more records please.Thank You both vey much.

jovan said...

don't have this but the bones coll. were all good