Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Is Over...Let's Welcome 2009!!!

What’s up all! Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays…2009 is just hours aways. Wow…We made it along the way to being here and living in this day in age. I’m 34 years old and to me I still feel like I was 16 yrs old…lol. Music has changed so much thru the years I experienced so many styles of electronic dance since 1986 the year I wanted to become deejay. Now there is so many categories of dance, from House, Progressive, Minimal, Techno, Tech-House, Electro, Hard Dance…Why so many names? To me it’s all one. I know most of you here just like the old school stuff and won’t bother to listen to the new stuff being put out today. Now Record Stores don’t exist and hunting for good tunes is just being at home clicking away with your mouse on the computer surfing the net. And there are just too many songs to listen to on the net and 98% of the stuff is junk. It’s not like it was in 1989 almost every record you saw at a record shop were good and exciting to listen to. Now there’s too many garbage electronic dance music producers putting out mp3s and a lot of it is boring. But everything is like a cycle so hopefully we will start to get excited with music like it was in the late 80’s. Well 2008 was a good year for me for one opening this blog and meeting new people that have the love for music like I do. Another good thing for me in 2008 is for having a good woman in my life we’re going on 3 years now in a serious relationship and she’s been a very wonderful person in my life. In 2008 there also were a few death close to me and my family one my uncle from Puerto Rico was found murdered in someone apartment investigators still don’t know the cause of it I at least got to see him alive this past summer, he will be missed, also my step daughters boyfriend was murdered this summer which was very sad also may they both rest in peace. Now it’s 2009 time for changes and a fresh start! These are my plans for 2009-

1. Going to fill out my divorce papers from my previous marriage this gotta get done in January!
2. Find A Bigger Apartment for me and my Family.
3. Plan the Vinylvault Party For later in 2009.
4. I’m planning a new series of Mix Cds going to be for Techno Music of 2009.
5. Hopefully get more Deejay Gigs spinning House music, Techno, & Old School.
6. Continuing with Vinylvault and making it better for 2009.

Hope that everyone has goals for 2009 and that you leave the past as it is and don’t bring it on to the new year. Party Safely tonight…---12inchjunkie

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

D'Zyre - Forever Amo'r

Here's A contribution from Freestyle Joker this is a maxi-single but it has the same cuts as the regular full 12 inch. Classic Hot Freestyle from the Chicago duet D'Zyre I'm sure everyone remember this song. Thanks for Sharing Freestyle Joker!---12inchjunkie

Forever Amo'r (Club Mix) (3:47)
Forever Amo'r (Radio Mix) (5:24)
Forever Amo'r (Smooth Dub) (6:45)
Forever Amo'r (Club Noise Mix) (4:59)
Forever Amo'r (Double J Mix) (5:56)
Forever Amo'r (Hip House) (5:35)

Download Right Here

Here goes the 1991 version performed by Innefect.
Download Right Here

Monday, December 29, 2008

CZR - Dance To The Drummer's Beat

Here's a Chicago Hip House Record by CZR -Dance to the drummer's beat released in 1990. Special thanks to Badbootydaddy5 for this contribution.----12inchjunkie

Dance To The Drummer's Beat (Boogie Man's Wicked Mix) (5:31)
Dance To The Drummer's Beat (Funky CZR Mix) (6:11)
Dance To The Drummer's Beat (What The "f_ _ k" Mix) (6:39)

Edited By - Wesley "Whiz Kid" Taggart
Mixed By - Cesar H*
Dance To The Drummer's Beat (Vocal Dub Mix) (7:41)

Mixed By - Craig S. Loftis

Download Right Here

DJ Danny F aka 12inchjunkie

I figure I write a little about myself for those that don't know who I am. I started deejaying back in 1986 at the age of 12-13 years old. Before I got my first set of turntables I would try deejaying with a small home stereo turntable and a tape deck that my parents had for the house, I would split the left speaker for the turntable and the right speaker for the tape deck. This was the way I would try learning how to mix, I had no pitch control and I would use my fingers for slowing down or speeding up the record. I wanted to become a dj so anytime my parents would give me money $5-$10 I would call up my brother to take me to the record shop. This record store I use to go to had records everywhere! And I mean soon as you walked in you had to climb around records, it was all over the place...gosh I wish this record store still existed. As soon as I got there I would look for house records that had multiple tracks on them so I can get my moneys worth. That's how I discovered Frankie Bones and his bonesbreaks, I would buy any records by Frankie Bones and I also bought Todd Terry, that's all I wanted! if a house record had a Acid Mix I would grab those also I was in love with the acid sound coming out of Chicago and the UK in 1988 and 1989. My mom use to get mad at me every time I would walk into the house with she use to tell me why don't you buy yourself some underwear or socks with that I though my mom was nuts for telling me this! all I wanted was vinyl I became such an addict for buying vinyl that I even stole money from my fathers stash and even wrote checks of his, I really felt bad for doing this especially when my father was such a hard worker and did everything to keep food on our plate may he rest in peace... But I wanted records so bad and I did anything to get them. So the first turntables I got from my parents were the Gemini 1100 with diamond needles together with a Pyramid mixer and a cheap receiver not an amp. For speakers I used the home stereo speakers. By this time I had a crate full of records and enough to make a mixtape. Well I didn't have a cassette recorder so I borrowed my upstairs neighbor just to make a tape. My first mixtape was a mix of House and Freestye music one side house and the other side freestyle and the mixing sounded like sneakers in a It took me about a year to learn how to beat match perfectly.My first gig was at a hall for a birthday party there was about 4 other djs there also I was nervous and scared to mix in front of the crowd there was about 200 people. The first record I played was Todd Terry The circus no one was dancing just bobbing there heads. I kept throwing underground records thinking alright I'm playing good records but I wasn't focusing on the dancefloor and thought that wasn't important, so I'm playing these records and still no one on the floor so my friend asked me to get off for alittle so that one of his boys could play a set. As soon as he got on the first record he dropped everyone ran to the dancefloor and started doing the soul and his mixing was horrible but he was making everyone dance and I kept thinking to myself how in the hell is this guy rocking the crowd and I wasn't? Its because he was playing commercial dance music that people knew! While I was playing afterhours underground music...but I still didn't understand the meaning of programing at the time and all I cared was playing the music I liked. And every mobile gig I did I was 14 yrs old doing sweet 16s and only playing freestyle and house music. If you wanted spanish music I would ask the people throwing their party to bring their spanish tapes and I would play the whole album thru in one set the same ghetto is that? Lol. But thru the years I learned how important it was to program your set in order to get a crowd dancing and this was also important in order to get more gigs. Oh! I forgot one story I forgot to finish...the tape deck story. I borrowed the tape deck from my upstairs neighbor in order for me to make tapes.he moved from his apartment and forgot to ask me for his tape deck so one day me and my friend were chillin outside and I had the tape deck with me I think we were going to someones house to make a tape, and a new neighbor that moved in a few months ago said hey I will buy that tape deck from u and I though to myself umm...? Money for records I said ok give me $80 he said deal! So I got the money and at that same hour went on a bus to hit the record store I was in euphoria I must have bought around 10-15 records I was excited! So about a month later I see my old neighbor downtown and he said bring my tape deck to my new place I forgot all about it... I said ok I bring it tomorrow. I though to myself FUCK! How am I going to get him this back?! I sold it! So I tried to avoid the old neighbor but he was hounding me for it passing by my neighborhood I kept giving him excuses telling him I left it at my brothers house I will bring it to you as soon as I can, so this kept going for weeks and one day he said "Where The Fuck is my shit?!" I better see it tomorrow! and he was a big dude! Could crush my head with his pinky! So I got scared! Lol! Its either get the tape deck or get crushed from this guy. So I asked one of my thief friends from the block if he could do me a big favor and break in to the guys house that I sold the tape deck to, I knew the time he went to work and what time he came back home, so I played hookie from school and my thief friend who we called ET (he looked like ET) at the time didn't go to school at all that was the day we decided to do the mission, ET broke into his house got the tape deck and took some jewlery at the same time. This had to be the worst thing I ever did but I had to do it for my So I returned the tape deck that same day and the guy was happy again. I went back home and noticed cop cars by my building I knew it was for the break in. The neighbor was excusing me for the break in but I just played it off he had no proof. So that was that story...I decided to keep away from trouble after that. And wait to get a job to buy records. So I continued for years to come and explore music I learned a lot of different music thru my older brother since he was a dj also, him and my other brother also were both djs I guess it runs in my family. I did mobile parties with them thru the years and at the same time I did clubs, then they decided to stop deejaying and I continue on my own. I do 2 spots on the weekends I do a night with my friend Raul C who's part of the blog which I know since my high school days. And I have a residency at another spot. And I don't plan on stoping what I love to do best deejaying making people dance and collecting music.Especially collecting music and sharing it with people that enjoy it as much as I do. Hope you guys enjoyed the story I know some of what I said was messed up but I was just a teen trying to get records in anyway I can at the time, I had no job and whenever I saw money I did what I had to get my hands on it.--12inchjunkie

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Terre Thaemlitz - Tranquilizer

Ok I decided today to post my first Ambient cd on the blog, What Is Ambient Music? For those that don't know, Ambient music evolved from early 20th century forms of semi-audible music. It is generally identifiable as being broadly atmospheric and environmental in nature. Brian Eno is generally credited with coining the term "ambient music" in the mid-1970s to refer to music that, as he stated, can be either "actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener", and that exists on the "cusp between melody and texture." Eno used the word "ambient" to describe music that creates an atmosphere that puts the listener into a different state of mind. There's many influences from artist such as The Orb, Aphex Twin, The Irresistible Force, Kim Cascone, & Biosphere. I personally recommend these artist I mentioned and labels like Silent Records, Instinct, & Fax. Ambient Started becoming popular at Rave parties around 1993 I don't know the exact year but they also gave it the name as "Chill Out". The first ambient cd I brought was actually called ''Chill out'' back in 1994 and after that I got hooked and started collecting a whole bunch of cds. The way to listen to this type of music it's at Low volume with some comfortable Headphones. I got ambient cds that has a warning advisory saying not to operate heavy machinery or drive while listening to the Well this first ambient post is by the artist Terre Thaemlitz this cd is great to listen and relaxing. Check out the track Raw Through A Straw, it sounds like he's just messing around with the keyboard and he added the apache breakbeat looped on the background sounds As for the rest of the cd it sounds relaxing. Play this when your ears are sore make yourself a cocktail spark a cigar and sit back on your recliner chair.-----12inchjunkie

040468 (8:18)
Fat Chair (5:48)
Raw Through A Straw (11:05)
Meditation Of The Mountain Oyster (9:14)
A City On Springs (10:57)
Hovering Glows (9:11)
2 Am On A Silo (8:41)
Fina - Departure (4:57)

Download Right Here

The Seven Grand Housing Authority-I Wanna Go Higher

Terrence Parker proves once again why he is destined to be a legend of house on this 10 inch that is every bit as warm as its bright yellow color. The A side opens with a subtle high-hat line that you can use to sneak the record into the mix on an unsuspecting crowd, stopping the other record cold just in time for the sharp claps and gospel choir diva vocal belting out the song's title. Then, if the crowd isn't already hooting and hollering for more, sassy organ licks drop in, making way for a full-on revival experience on your dancefloor!

Flip the disc over and...whoa. Warm, luscious synth pads herald the arrival of the gospel divas, encouraged by a beautiful, echoing piano line. Like I said before, perfect for fall...or winter snow. It's almost enough to bring tears to your eyes.... Source: ----- Summonedknight

P.S : I Clean as much as i could but with these colored vinyl they tend to pick up more pops then reg vinyl!

A I Wanna Go Higher (The Spiritual Mix)
B I Wanna Go Higher (The Shivering Tales Mix)

The Music Freaks-Tribal Trance

Here Is Some good Dark Tracks from one of Dj Dukes Many alias. This is straight up 3-5am stuff you would hear in the sound factory,red zone,Save the robots, limelight, all the good afterhour spots in nyc that the real house head would go to. He`s doing a movie now but was extreamly happy to get an email from him telling that his old stuff is on traxsource and junodownload. Here more info on Dj Duke .

A1 Tribal Trance
A2 Tribal Trance
B Time Delay

Various - Serious Beats 50 (The 2nd Saga Of House)

This Compilation I'm posting is a series of 4 CDS filled with top notch Classics! The guy's that put this together did a very good job. You get House, Techno, & Trance Classics...Each cd is well over 70 mins and they are all full length versions. So if you want to hear some music history just load this up to your ipod and let the music take you into a journey.---12inchjunkie

1.01 Human Resource Dominator (Frank De Wulf Remix) (4:40)

Remix - Frank De Wulf
Written-By - G. Pernet* , J. Drexhage* , J. Van Beek* , R. Mahu*
1.02 Toxic Two Rave Generator (5:47)

Written-By - D. Wild* , R. Love*
1.03 House Syndicate Jam The Mace (5:37)

Written-By - K. Gonzalez*
1.04 Voodoo Child Voodoo Child (Contracted) (5:58)

Written-By - Moby
1.05 Sadomasy & DJ One Bodymotion (4:07)

Written-By - F. Fiorentino,* , R. Masi*
1.06 Indo Tribe Owl (4:52)

Written-By - B. Dougans* , G. Cobain*
1.07 Digital Boy Kokko (3:25)

Written-By - L. Pretolesi*
1.08 Plexus Cactus Rhythm (Mike Ferlin Mix) (4:01)

Remix - Mike Ferlin
Written-By - B. Sanchioni* , E. Top* , J-F. Samyn*
1.09 Tyree* Video Crash (Crash Instrumental) (5:56)

Written-By - M.J.*
1.10 Amnesia Ibiza (5:32)

Written-By - B. Van Garsse* , M. De San Antonio , S. Novak*
1.11 Cybersonik Technarchy (5:46)

Written-By - D. Bell* , J. Acquaviva* , R. Hawtin*
1.12 Steve Pointdexter* Work That Motherfucker (5:24)

Written-By - S. Pointdexter*
1.13 Fix Flash (6:06)

Written-By - O. Voorn*
1.14 Mixmaster* In The Mix (3:53)

Written-By - C. Padovano*
2.01 Foremost Poets Moonraker (4:53)

Written-By - J. Ali
2.02 Hardfloor Acperience 1 (8:58)

Written-By - O. Bondzio* , R. Zenker*
2.03 Ian Pooley Chord Memory (Daft Punk Remix) (6:53)

Remix - Daft Punk
Written-By - I. Pooley*
2.04 Green Velvet Destination Unknown (9:07)

Written-By - G. Velvet*
2.05 Mr. Oizo Flat Beat (5:22)

Written-By - Q. Dupieux*
2.06 DJ Hyperactive Wide Open (6:02)

Written-By - Hyperactive*
2.07 Karlos Mendez Sex-A-Phone (4:01)

Written-By - J-F. Top*
2.08 Robert Armani Watch It (3:37)

Written-By - R. Armani*
2.09 Microbots Cosmic Evolution (5:18)

Written-By - Atomic Robo Kid , JD Wood* , DJ Tom*
2.10 Damon Wild & Tim Taylor Bang The Acid (7:45)

Written-By - D. Wild, T. Taylor*
2.11 Toneking* Pneu (7:50)

Written-By - D. Neven*
2.12 Lunatic Asylum The Meltdown (8:57)

Written-By - Lunatic Asylum
3.01 Orb, The A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Orbital Dance Mix) (8:09)

Written-By - A. Paterson* , B. M. Woolley* , J. Cauty* , M. Riperton* , R. J. Rudolph* , S. Darlow* , S. Lipson* , T. Horn*
3.02 Format Solid Session (4:21)

Written-By - O. Voorn*
3.03 Paul Rutherford Get Real (7:23)

Written-By - D. Clayton* , M. White* , M. Fry* , P. Rutherford*
3.04 Leftfield Not Forgotten (7:36)

Written-By - M. Clarke* , Barnes*
3.05 CLS Can You Feel It (4:42)

Written-By - D. Robinson* , Z. Tariq*
3.06 Felix Don't You Want Me (5:54)

Written-By - Casio Ware III* , C. R. Williams* , D. A. Jenkins* , D. Richardson* , Felix , F. Wright*
3.07 Plez Can't Stop (6:46)

Written-By - G. Pleasant*
3.08 Prodigy, The Android (4:55)

Written-By - L. Howlett*
3.09 A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd Total Confusion (Heavenly Mix) (7:20)

Written-By - Pound* , Williams* , Winter*
3.10 Age Of Chance Time's Up (Timeless) (7:48)

Written-By - Taylor* , Perry* , Howson* , Elvidge*
3.11 Phuture Rise From Your Grave (5:51)

Written-By - Phuture
3.12 808 State Cubik (3:33)

Written-By - 808 State
4.01 C'hantal The Realm (Accapella) (0:56)

Written-By - Mannino* , Pino* , D'Agostino*
4.02 Reese & Santonio Rock To The Beat (4:09)

Written-By - K. Saunderson* , A. Echols*
4.03 Lil' Louis I Called U (Why'd U Fall) (4:19)

Written-By - L. Louis*
4.04 Transform Transformation (3:35)

Written-By - R. Hertwig* , T. Eckart*
4.05 Mackenzie, The Higher In The Sky (4:42)

Written-By - P. Degraeve* , P. Fasseau*
4.06 Liaisons-D* He Chilled Out (4:50)

Written-By - M. Salon* , P. Ward* , S. Van Hees*
4.07 KC Flightt Voices (9:55)

Written-By - F. Toson Jr.* , Sting
4.08 Gat D├ęcor* Passion (Naked Mix) (7:42)

Written-By - S. Slater*
4.09 Beyond Opus (5:23)

Written-By - G. Vroom*
4.10 Phantasia Inner Light (4:31)

Written-By - Jade 4 U* , O. Adams* , Praga Khan
4.11 Ron Trent Altered States (13:33)

Written-By - R. Trent*
4.12 DJ Joe T Vannelli* Feat. Csilla Play With The Voice In Germany (8:01)

Featuring - Csilla
Remix [Uncredited] - Paul van Dyk
Written-By - Jayti , D. Luche*
4.13 Future Sound Of London, The Papua New Guinea (4:58)

Written-By - B. Dougans* , G. Cobain*

Friday, December 26, 2008

E.S.P - It's You

Thought I post this classic after xmas as a gift to my vinyl vault fam that love chi-town house!
When I first heard this years ago I was taken aback to how simple yet addicting this track was.
Hope you guys enjoy this. --- Summoned knight

P.S: on discog, A sealed mint condition copy of this runs you $140.

A1 It's You (Vocal)
A2 It's You (Instrumental)
B1 It's You (Underground Mix)
B2 It's You (Instrumental Reprise)

Download It's You

Thursday, December 25, 2008

DJ Danny F - In The Dungeon Of Nu Groove Records [The Crate Diggerz]

First I wanna say Merry Christmas To all my Vinylvault Family once again...It's Thursday Mixes! Today I bring a special 1 hour mix of one of the classic labels of the late 80's Nu Groove Records. I put together 28 of my favorite tracks from this label. As you will notice I did put alot of Looney Tunes tracks especially for the first 6 songs. This mix has alittle of all styles which I like and I think you will enjoy it so put on your headsets sit back and enjoy 1 hour of Classic Nu Groove Session ---12inchjunkie aka DJ Danny F

DJ Danny F - In The Dungeon Of Nu Groove Records [The Crate Diggerz]

1. The Watchtower (intro) - Looney Tunes
2. Is Rhythm Rhythm? - Looney Tunes
3. Another Place, Another Time (Brixton Bass Re-Mix) - Looney Tunes
4. You Are The One (Brooklyn 86th St. Mix) - Looney Tunes
5. It's You (Amster-jam Re-Mix) - Looney Tunes
6. Inject The Beat (Looney Tones) - Looney Tunes
7. Rockhard - Summer Slams
8. Tonight's The Night(Club Mix) - The Sound Vandals
9. Better Than Sex - Dee Gorgeous
10. Los Chicanos - Powerhouse
11. We're Back - Dynamic Duo
12. Sex 4 Daze - Lake Eerie
13. Exstasy(What Is It?)(Rough Mix) - The Sound Vandals
14. Just As Long As I Got You (Club Mix) - Looney Tunes
15. 2 A.M. - New Grooves Vol. II
16. Apt 1A - N.Y. House'n Authority
17. Get Down(Good Vibrations) - Transphonic
18. All Night Long - Houz' Neegroz
19. I want You To Know - Groove Committee
20. Bring That Back - Lost Entity
21. Fall into A Trance - Critical Rhythm
22. Flashback - Major Problem
23. Nothing Stays The Same(House Mix) - Looney Tunes
24. Here Comes That Sound - The Street Wise Kids
25. Paradise - Devine Masters
26. Song Of The Siren - Aphrodisiac
27. Apt 3A - N.Y. House'n Authority
28. Straphanger - Metro

Download Right Here

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Comedian on Puerto Ricans & Jamaicans

I figure I post a little something here to make people laugh, This is Rasheed who passed away alittle while ago, and he impersonated a old Puerto Rican and Jamaican man on this stand up comedy so good that I was Lmao! Check it out---12inchjunkie

Nana - Be My Baby

Here's another contribution from Badbootydaddy5, From one of my favorite labels from Chicago. This is a nice freestyle jam from Nana. I almost forgot that DJ International was not just a House label they also released freestyle music. Thanks for this contribution Badbootydaddy5---12inchjunkie

A1 Be My Baby (Hollywood's Club Mix) (5:50)
A2 Be My Baby (Radio Edit Mix) (4:08)
A3 Be My Baby (Loftis Boy Meets Girl Mix) (6:23)
B1 Be My Baby (Boogie Man's Party Mix) (5:10)
B2 Be My Baby (Boogie Man's Instrumental Mix) (4:48)
B3 Be My Baby (Jack's Extra Mayo Mix) (4:11)

Download Right Here

Blunted Dummies - House For All

A Must for your collection! Classic 1993 dancefloor destroyer! This is auto download! ---12inchjunkie

House For All (Original Mix)
House For All (House 4 All Robots Mix)
House For All (Eddie Richard's Mix)
House For All (J. Acquaviva's Mix)
House For All (Ruby Fruit Jungle Mix)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eric Bell - Your Love

Well Guy's I'm back online finally!!! It was the most depressing 2 I'm going to start off with a contribution from badbootydaddy he's been on this blog since day one and has been a great contributor. His love is Chicago House Music plus he's also from Chicago. This is Eric Bell - Your Love mixed by Frankie Knucles and produced by Eric Bell, this is straight up early house music from 1987. Thanks badbootydaddy for this contribution.----12inchjunkie

Your Love (Instrumental) (7:28)
Your Love (Vocal) (5:55)
Download Right Here

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Have No Internet Connection! :(

Just to let everyone know I have no Internet connection until maybe Tuesday so I'm dying without it! I'm online 24/7! I'm posting this thru my blackberry and I can't view the cbox with the phone so it sucks! I can still see and reply to my emails and view the internet on my blackberry but I'm very limited on what I can do. Especially downloading music... :( I'm trying to get my downstair neighbor connection but he has security enabled. And I asked him if I can use his connection temporary but he thinks I'm going to hack into his! So I'm assed out. Just wanted to share this with everyone. 12inchjunkie

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bad Boy Bill - The 1st Revelation

Most of you recognize this name Bad Boy Bill out of Chicago, This guy is a beast! If you never heard any of his mix tapes or mix shows do a research on him online you might be able to find some of his mixes. This is one of his records that he released back in 1988 and all 4 cuts are slammin'! Acid House Chicago Style! I wanna give thanks to Freestyle Joker straight from Chicago who I got this from, He's a new member of the blog that you will start seeing more often ----12inchjunkie

I Can't Wait For Love
A Night On A Trip
Acid Sexx
Download Right Here

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Various - Junior Vasquez Live Vol. 2

Here's A contribution from Benz! Giving us this classic bangin mix cd by Junior Vasquez! Thanks Benz for this Mix Cd!---12inchjunkie

1-01 House Heroes Magic Orgasm (4:16)

Remix - Peter Rauhofer
1-02 Hans Meet Her At The Loveparade (5:08)

Remix - Peter Rauhofer
1-03 Future Primitive (2) The Lightning (3:06)
1-04 Major North Annihilate (Timo Maas Mix) (5:20)

Remix - Timo Maas
1-05 Future Primitive (2) Music Makers (8:29)
1-06 R.A.G. The Build Up (5:28)
1-07 Kult Of Krameria Voodoo Drums (0:23)
1-08 Danny Tenaglia Elements (5:28)
1-09 Jestofunk Stellar Funk (Alex Neri Remix) (0:49)

Featuring - Cinda Ramseu*
Remix - Alex Neri , Marco Baroni
1-10 Razor N' Guido Men Beat Their Men (2:14)

Featuring - Goman
1-11 Arkarna Future Is Overrated (1:59)
1-12 Future Primitive (2) The Future (5:25)
1-13 Size Queen Music (2:58)

Remix - Peter Rauhofer
1-14 Pepstar To The Rhythm (4:52)
1-15 Ron Perkov Dance With Me (Victor Calderone Remix) (4:59)

Remix - Victor Calderone
1-16 H2O Take Me Higher (4:56)
1-17 Razor N' Guido Do It Again (5:43)

Featuring - Little Aneerny
1-18 Basement Jaxx Fly Life (Cajmere Green Velvet Mix) (6:17)

Remix - Green Velvet
2-02 Junior Vasquez Come Together (5:47)

Featuring - Patrick Mullady
2-03 Motomo Monk.e.Dreams (4:29)
2-04 Lydia Rhodes Away (5:05)

Remix - Junior Vasquez
2-05 Funky Green Dogs Until The Day (Peter Rauhofer Remix) (5:07)

Remix - Peter Rauhofer
2-06 Sandy B Ain't No Need To Hide (5:46)
2-07 Kevin Aviance Din Da Da (Gomi's Main Mix) (3:35)

Remix - Gomi
2-08 Deborah Cox Who Do U Love (Junior Vasquez Remix) (5:17)

Remix - Junior Vasquez
2-09 Club 69 Drama (3:36)
2-10 No Mercy Kiss You All Over (Johnny Vicious Remix) (5:15)

Remix - Johnny Vicious
2-11 Duncan Sheik Reasons For Living (Johnny Vicious Remix) (3:43)

Remix - Johnny Vicious
2-12 Amber One More Night (Junior Vasquez Remix) (3:57)

Remix - Junior Vasquez
2-13 Dolly Parton Peace Train (Junior Vasquez Remix) (9:42)

Remix - Junior Vasquez
2-14 Cher The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Junior Vasquez Remix) (8:25)

Remix - Junior Vasquez
2-15 Hypertrophy Beautiful Day (Juniorverse Remix) (8:01)

Remix - Junior Vasquez

Vol. 2 Disc 1.rar

Download Right Here

Vol. 2 Disc 2.rar

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Graeme Parke & Mike Pickering, at the Hacienda August 1989

I don't know much about these two guys but they are legendary in the UK and especially for this classic event. I actually got this mix from some guy I was sharing music with from the UK and he told me that these guys were one of the best back in the days. I got to hear all 3 parts and I can tell you that these guys know how to DJ, From the mixing to the energy this is an incredible mix. Check it out for yourself I think you will enjoy it.----12inchjunkie

Part 1

  1. Gino Latino - No Sorry (european piano tune)
  2. Kaos - Definition Of Love (track feat in grand piano)
  3. Inner City 'Do You Love What You Feel' (power 41 Remix)
  4. Royal House - Get Funky
  5. Raven Maize - Forever Together "you and me, together"
  6. White Knight - Keep It Movin ('Cause The Crowd Says So) Insane Mix
  7. Sound Factory - Cuban Gigolo "pound your feet & dance to the beat"
  8. Dionne - Come Get My Loving
  9. 28th Street Crew - I Need A Rhythm
  10. Adeva - Warning
  11. The Bass Boyz - Lost In The Bass (mike "hitman" wilson mix) "yeah boy" rob bass
  12. Julian Jumpin Perez & Kool Rock Steady - Aint We Funky Now
  13. Monie Love - Grandpas Party
  14. Toni Scott - Thats How Im Living
  15. Chubb Rock with Howie Tee - Yo Bad Chubbs (Crib mix)
  16. Akasa - One Night in My Life
  17. Kid N Play - 2 Hype (Instrumental)
  18. Kenny Jammin Jason & DJ Fast Eddie - Can U Dance
  19. Jungle Crew - Elektic Dance
  20. NWA - Express Yourself
  21. Big Daddy Kane - Warm It Up
  22. Queen Latifah - Dance For Me

Part 2

  1. Queen Latifah - Dance For Me
  2. MCs Logik - Get Involved (in it to win it mix) "on & on it keeps flowing, hiphop music" female rap
  3. Reese - Rock To The Beat (vocal mix)
  4. Da Posse - Strings
  5. R Tyme - R Theme
  6. Doug Lazy - Let It Roll (Dub)
  7. Frankie Bones - We Call it Techno
  8. Seduction - Youre My One & Only (True Love) (C&C New York House Mix "we got a love, left your suitcase at the door")
  9. Sandee - Notice Me (notice the house mix)
  10. The Forgemasters - Track With No Name
  11. Diskonexion - Love Rush (Put On Mix)
  12. Black Box - Ride On Time
  13. Sterling Void - Runaway Girl
  14. Annette - Dream 17
  15. Phase II - Reachinv
  16. (twirly sound in between tracks)
  17. Orange Lemon - Dreams Of Santa Anna
  18. Shannon - Let The Music Play
  19. Carly Simon - Why
  20. (Martin Luther King speech)
  21. Imagination - Just An Illusion (Park & Pickering Mix)

Part 3

  1. Imagination - Just An Illusion (Park & Pickering Mix)
  2. Company 2 - Tell it As it Is
  3. Roberta Flack - Uhh Uhh Ohh Ohh (here it comes)
  4. 2 In A Room - Somebody In The House Say yeah
  5. (twirly sound in between tracks)
  6. Richie Rich - Salsa House
  7. Redhead Kingpin & The FBI - Do The Right Thing
  8. Digital Underground - Do What Ya Like
  9. Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight
  10. Nocera - Summertime, Summertime
  11. Lil Louie - French Kiss
  12. Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Accapella)
  13. 808 State - Pacific State
  14. Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino
  15. Dynamic Duo - In The Pocket (Hip House Dub?)
  16. Da Posse - Its My Life
  17. Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
  18. Mix N' Tel - Feel The Beat (Pierres mix) "get down" male rap
  19. Gary Jackmaster Wallace - House Every Night (Oh Yeah Mix)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For The People That DJ

I know this is too soon to ask but if you dj and have a mix that you would like to Share with us. I would love to post a few for tomorrow Thursday Mixes. It could be any style of music you play and it doesn't have to be your best set. I think it would be fun to listen to each others if you want to post a mix send it to my email

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Masters At Work - Dum Dum Cry

A freestyle-House Classic Banger!-----12inchjunkie

Dum Dum Cry (Dum Club Version)

Dum Dum Cry (Dum Dub Beats)

Dum Dum Cry (Rubber Dub Version)

Dum Dum Cry (Desire Dub Version)

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Monday, December 15, 2008

V.A.-Underground Dance Music Vol.1

Very hard to find compilation featuring these deep house gems from 1992.
This is the sound that made NYC garage so special, Enjoy, SummonedKnight

1 Michael Watford - Holdin' On (Original Shelter Mix) (6:08)
2 Third Generation Ft.Chevelle - Don't Play No Games (5:53)
3 Mission Control - Outta Limits (5:22)
4 Blood - Peace In The Nation (6:39)
5 Tony Ransom - Spread Some Love (6:00)
6 Rudoulpho - Sunday Afternoon (10:20)
7 Rudoulpho - Touch Me (7:08)

Part 1
Part 2

Need Your Help!!!!

One of my favorite House Labels from back in the days. I'm trying to collect all of there 12's and I have almost all of them...! Below I listed the ones that I'm missing and if any of you guy's have them would you please send it to me. I will trade you any other nu groove vinyl that your looking for yourself. Thanks For Your Help----12inchjunkie

NG 014 Roqui Lover
NG 026 Emjay (4) Come 'N Get It
NG 027 Total Science (2) Featuring Freedom (8) Freedom
NG 028 Mikey Jarrett Husslin Slowdown / Chartbuster
NG 029 DTR Featuring Marilyn Sareo* Journey Into A Dream
NG 030 Power House 2
NG 032 Lisa Lee When Can I Call You
NG 037 Emanon (2) I Came Back To Party
NG 041 Foremost Poets Reasons To Be Dismal?
NG 042 Asia Love You Should Be Here
NG 059 Camacho's Project Featuring Regina Wilson Slave
NG 101 Mandatory Bass Got Me Groovin'
NG 109 Freddie Fresh & Hidden Rhythm B.O.O.M.
NG 110 K.A.T.O.* 6:15 PM

***AND NG 018 But I don't see this listed on discogs***

Danny Tenaglia-Elements

Here's a record where Danny Tenaglia takes you into a journey of a 12 inch. Danny has remixed and produced some well known club hits and Is one of the most famous DJ in the world. ---12inchjunkie

Elements (The DTour) (12:56)
Elements (The Chant) (13:10)
Elements (The Tracks) (10:21)
Elements (The Beats) (5:20)
Elements (The Voice) (4:30)
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

How & Little - Jam To It Again

How & Little! These guys had their own trademark sound back in the days, I have alot of their 12's, great underground house producers from the late 80's era. All 4 cuts on this record are hot!----12inchjunkie

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

SummonedKnight Is Now An Author For Vinyl Vault !

I would like to welcome Summonedknight as a Vinyl Vault author! I know he'll be a great help for the blog and shows alot of interest for the music and love for the old school. Thanks for your help Summonedknight!!---12inchjunkie & Rob

Aphrohead AKA Felix Da Housecat - In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite)

This is an all time essential classic tune! If you don't know this or ever heard this tune you need to come out the cave! One of Dave Clarke's greatest remixes, this is considered techno/Tech House but to me it's more of a Hard House track. This track will vibrate your body with a killer club system! I remember this being drop at some spot in Manhattan I forgot the name of the place but the crowd was going wild to this tune. The choice cut on this is the Dave Clarke's 312 Mix. I put this tune on my mix that I posted on Thursday. Download this it's a must...---12inchjunkie

A1 In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke's 312 Mix) (8:48)
A2 In The Dark We Live (Lockout Thee Lite!) (0:22)
AA1 In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke's 313 Mix) (4:47)
AA2 In The Dark We Live (Da House Cat's - Thee Unreleased Mix) (5:18)

Friday, December 12, 2008

What's Up Vinylvault Family....!!!

It's friday! The weekend is here! Well it's been a slow week for me on the blog I expected to do more since it was my vacation week off from work...I just got caught up with other personal things and It took alot of my time. I will do a couple post tomorrow I got to rip a few vinyl this week at least and I did a little mix for the blog. We are still in the talks about the changes with the blog we hope to create a meetup meeting online to discuss about our ideas. It's a slow process but we want everything to work out properly. So this is it for now I have to bounce out of here and go deejay at my regular friday nite spot hope everyone has a good night and remember not to drive if your drunk.---12inchjunkie

Thursday, December 11, 2008

//DJ Danny F//Classic Underground Anthems//1994-98 Era

What's up People as it is Mix Thursdays, I made alittle something for you guy's I was bored and decided to hit the tables for alittle bit with a couple of cocktails to go along Straight raw dawg mixing with some classic underground beats...enjoy.---12inchjunkie aka DJ Danny F

//DJ Danny F//Classic Underground Anthems//1994-98 Era

1. Da Northface Killa - Da Powa
2. Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar [Armand Dark Garage Mix]
3. Smooth Touch - House Of Love [More/Phearce Mix]
4. The Bucketheads - The Bomb
5. Junior Sanchez - Rock Bottom
6. Johnny Vicious - Believe This
7. Playboy - In Da Jungle [Modwheel Safari Mix]
8. Colombian Drum Cartel - The Shipment
9. The Spanish Society Presents La Soca - Arriba (Soca Mix)
10. The Tribe - Go-San-Do [Holivic Mix]
11. Basement Jaxx - Fly Life [Extra Mix]
12. Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live [Dave Clarke's 312 Mix]
13. M.K. Feat. Alana - Always

Special Request! Pirates Of The Caribbean - Vol. III

Special Request for this Armand Van Helden 12 If anyone has it please send it for posting tomorrow. Thanks!----12inchjunkie & Rob