Friday, March 13, 2009

Armand Van Helden - New York: A Mix Odyssey Two

I know I'm alittle late posting a mix for thursday but I said fuck it...Here's the man Armand Van Helden with his second series of " New York A Mix Odyssey 2" This one he has some good selection of old school but his mixing is alittle ruff in the beginning but overall good old school music.

01 King Bee Back By Dope Demand (Funky Bass Mix)
02 Kwamé & A New Beginning Ownlee Eue
03 Sugar Bear Don't Scandalize Mine
04 Antoinette Who's The Boss
05 Eric B. & Rakim Juice (Know The Ledge)
06 Roxanne Shanté Go On Girl
07 Queen Latifah Come Into My House
08 Armand Van Helden featuring Netic Illin N Fillin It
09 Monie Love Grandpa's Party
10 Tony Scott That's How I'm Living
11 Doug Lazy Let It Roll
12 Tyree* featuring Kool Rock Steady Turn Up The Bass
13 Fast Eddie Yo Yo Get Funky
14 Jungle Brothers I'll House You
15 Maurice* This Is Acid
16 Armand Van Helden featuring Team Facelift Shake That Ass
17 Armand Van Helden featuring Will 'Tha Wiz' Lemay* This Ain't Hollywood
18 Frank Ski Whore's In This House
19 Armand Van Helden featuring Roxy Cottontail & Lacole 'Tigga' Campbell Playmate
20 Armand Van Helden featuring Fat Joe & BL Touch Your Toes
21 Armand Van Helden featuring Christian Rich Ski Hard
22 Fast Eddie Acid Thunder
23 Freestyle Don't Stop The Rock
24 Debbie Deb When I Hear Music
25 Debbie Malone Rescue Me (Original Version)
26 Nitro Deluxe This Brutal House
27 Strafe Set It Off (Walter Gibbons Love Mix)

Mixed By - Walter Gibbons

Download Right Here


Rob said...

WOW Kwame, Queen Latifah, Monie Love some good Hip-House.....Tracklist is off in the beginning though...Good post I didn't have this one....

Rob said...

WOW Damn I thought this mix was done years ago and it was recently. I realized it when I heard Touch Your Toes..I now have to say that I thought this mix was done when he was getting into it....Good selection though but wasn't arranged correctly.....