Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jamie Principle - Your Love

There is history behind this record and this is such a great song that you can fuck to this House track. One of the most important House tune of all time...From what I heard Jamie Principle didn't get any credit for this track and Frankie Knuckles released his own version on Traxx Records. If you've seen "The History Of House Music" On youtube, You will hear the history of this track. Peep this out Highly recommend this download.---12inchjunkie


Your Love (Club Mix) (7:48)
Your Love (Radio Mix) (3:54)
Your Love (Dub/Rodapella Mix) (11:43)

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chicagojackin said...

Classic post 12inch.Yes you are right 12inch Frankie did rerelease this along with Waiting On My Angel,Baby Wants To Ride,Bad Boy, Cold World on Trax label as his versions but slightly shorter.And he never gave Jamie any credit.Him and Farley JMF were good at takin' to much credit then they deserved.But again great post thanks 12inch

12InchJunkie said...

You Welcome Chicagojackin!

GGNYC said...

I love this record..it's a hot classic. Jamie Principle should've made more records..This record opened my ears to Chicago sound.. thanks for the share 12inJunkie.

porfis said...

can you tell me where i can find the password to download this file

d.stylish said...

can I get a pass???

AndrĂ¡s said...

Heyy Mates!

Sorry, i didnt speak realy good, so i didnt understand. I Want send something to somewhere, and i got a passworld? Or where i find? I know Lots people ask same, but i want understanding. Where, when, and how got passes for the EPs? Reali intrested this page:) Gold releases!

Have a nice day!

James Loft said...
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