Monday, March 16, 2009

Longsy D-This Is Ska

Alright, for this post and some of the future posts they're going to be password protected. In order to download the track, you'll be required to enter the password. Certain members of the blog will be able to download it if they show interaction or contribute to the blog. So if you want to download this 12 send me your email and I will send you the password to download this full 12. Everyone remember this monster classic "This is ska!" This use to get play by every DJ back in the days! Classic!

This Is Ska (Original + Dub Mix)
This Is Ska (Authentic Style Mix)

Executive Producer - Patrick T. Rojan
This Is Ska (Buster's Original Ska Mix)

Remix [Additional], Performer [Featuring] - Buster Bloodvessel
This Is Ska (Longsy And Buster Shuffle Mix)

Co-producer, Mixed By - Longsy D
Remix [Additional], Performer [Featuring] - Buster Bloodvessel
This Is Ska (The Zanzibar Mix)

Remix - Tony Humphries
This Is Ska (Rydem Wiv Acid Mix)

Remix - Tony Humphries
This Is Ska (The Hot Skaddy Mix)

Remix - Tony Humphries


MastrChief07 said...

Remember the video? *thumbsup post*

Rob said...

Classic track...This Is Ska, Ha Ha, This is Ska..Horns come in...
Great post..

chicagojackin said...

Kool post 12inch.wan't someon the blog askin' avbout this one months back or maybe commenting

chicagojackin said...

Skacid is a genre of house music from 1988-1989 that is a mix of ska and acid house. The name most probably originates from Longsy D's House Sound 1988 "Mental Ska"[1][2], where the lyrics repeat the word skacid in the second verse when he raps about his new style of "hiphop-reggae". Skacid clearly follows on the heels of the briefly popular hip house genre and borrows from most of hip house's form.

The word "skacid" appears as the name of a few remixes of Longsy D tracks published in 1989, as well as the catalog number/name for Beechwood Music Label's "Ska Beats 1" compilation in 1989 as "SKACID 1LP". This compilation is possibly the only skacid compilation in existence, and it contains skacid recordings by Longsy D, Ranking Roger, Buster Bloodvessel, Ministry of Ska, Double Trouble & The Rebel MC, and Roughneck

[Skacid usually features the signature characteristics of hip house, namely Roland TR-909 drum machine for percussion and a rapping MC vocalist, and sometimes a Roland TB-303 Bassline synth. Skacid often replaced the breakbeat sample with a ska or pitched-up reggae rhythm sample. Though, in the case of Double Trouble & The Rebel MCs "Just Keep Rockin' (House Mix)", the bass intro from "Mr. Big Stuff" by Stax label artist Jean Knight is sampled and pitched/sped up.

The most sophisticated of skacid tracks had melodic horn sections in the same arrangement that a typical ska song would include horns

The Wild said...

Fire trax from back in the day of good (House Music).

Charlie said...

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