Saturday, March 21, 2009

United DJ's Of America Vol. 02: 'Little' Louie Vega, NYC

The following is what I typed from the back of the case. I Corrected a couple of misspellings. Enjoy:
'Little' Louie Vega has been doing it for years. Starting out on the freestyle scene in his native Bronx, Louie moved towards house music in the late Eighties. Hooking up with long-time partner Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez. Louie formed Masters At Work, a production duo that is as durable as it is innovative. And, as a DJ, Louie's sets take a similar course, too. Never content with the obvious, he continually strives to offer something new. From the Sound Factory Bar to the plush beat palaces of Europe, Louie Vega's distinctive jams burn up floors with a heady mix of jazz, latin and soul; all underlaid with a fierce 4/4 beat. Here, on DMC's second mixed CD, Louie demonstrates exactly why he has become one of the most sought after DJs of the house fraternity. Says Louie: "We've got to take this music a step further." Here's the proof.


1 Roger Sanchez - My Organ (9:39)
2 Edward's World - Soul Roots (4:31)
3 The Bucketheads - Whew (3:05)
4 Romanthony - Let Me Show You (3:19)
5 Mood II Swing - Closer (4:41)
6 Daphne - Change (3:50)
7 Voices - Voices In My Mind (3:05)
8 DajaƩ - Is It All Over My Face? (3:58)
9 K London Posse - Caught In Luv (5:59)
10 Cassio - Getting Hot (1:17)
11 Boogie Balo - Don't Shut Me Out (2:44)
12 People Underground - My Love (4:59)
13 X Fade - Good And Plenty (3:06)
14 The Bucketheads - I Wanna Know (2:36)
15 Kerri Chandler - Inspiration (4:12)
16 Head Rush - Underground (5:06)
17 Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep (4:51)

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Rob said...

Nice mix, mellow and relaxing...
Thanks MasterChief

MastrChief07 said...

Your very welcome, Rob!