Friday, March 27, 2009

Nyasia - Nyasia

NYASIA has been singing professionally for the past 20 years. After being signed to Mic Mac Records in 1990, her debut song, "Now & Forever", went to the number one spots in Miami, Brazil, Chicago and Texas. Her next Single, "Who's Got Your Love", crossed over in California before hitting New York and hitting the top ten. She has worked with Producers Mickey Garcia, Nelson Cruz, Ellis Pacheco, Mauro DeSantis & Mike Lerello just to name a few. She is working on a new album with her husband, Martin "DJ Paradise" Santiago. The album will have her classics as well as, new music which include Freestyle, House, Pop and R&B....NYASIA'S goal is to entertain and promote the music she loves...I've personally know Nyasia for all my life and i have to say she is a force to be reckoned with, she has the style and grace i wish her nothing but the best!!!!
Source: Nyasias Myspace Page


1. Now And Forever

2. Who's Got Your Love

3. I'm The One

4. Don't Waste My Time

5. Stronger Together

6. Two Time Lover

7. Can I Count On Your Love

8. Midnight Passion

9. Take Me Away

10. Heal My Broken Heart

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MastrChief07 said...

I totally agree on the description plus much more. She's a cool person. Btw, this is a rare album. Hard to find. I heard that if and when her new album comes out it'll be this album along with another disc, her new album. Don't know if that's still on the horizon. Great post right here. :)

Rob said...

Yeah great post, I love the first two tracks of hers. I'm not fond of the album version of Now And Forever though, I prefer this version...

MARLON said...

I love Nyasia, She is so sweet. "Now & Forever" has to be my favorite track of hers. Especially the DJ LAZ bass mix which was huge in Miami.

angellovef said...

i have this album, and i do agree, it's great and she's a wonderful person. i look forward to hearing new music from her soon.

GGNYC said...

Who's Got Your Love is still my favorite track. I haven't seen this record. It's a collectors for sure. I was kinda dissappointed with the 12 of Now and Forever. That I've fallin -I can't get up bit didn't cut for me. What Rob pointed out on Youtube is an excellent mix. It has the Jive trax rhythm too. Thanks for the share Benz!

porfis said...

¿what is the password?