Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Today In The Tri-State!!

Whats up eveyone! We got that heavy snow fall thru out the Tri-state today, I was nice and warm cuddled up with my woman and didn't want to get up for shit! and I looked outside and said, Damm I want to call out of work! But I didn't! I went into work 1 hour late today all the men from my department called out and all the women came in to My boss said, All the men are at home wearing there One guy calls out when it drizzles because he drives 2 hours to get to work so he rather not drive and work from home. I had a busy weekend I had 2 gigs to do one being mobile and since I haven't done one since last summer my back is killing me from moving equipment around but it's worth the money. I got one more this month and that's the wedding I have mentioned. So from today on till the wedding I'm getting my music well organized for that event. There's been alot of posting on the blog and I still haven't downloaded any since last week and I need to catch up. Plus I got some stuff to post today. I'm still looking for more people to become vinylvault members and that wants to become authors for contributing please put out the word to people you know that are interested. I would like one day for all our members to become authors. And for the new members that want to join there's going to be some qualifications to join 1. You must interact and post comments on the blog. 2. You must contribute full 12s classics to the blog each month for posting. 3. Become an author to do your own posting. These are just the 3 that I have in mind at the moment. I'm going to ask Rob to put his own ideas or opinion into this plus I think It is time for a meeting so lets see what day we can schedule one.--12inchjunkie

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