Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kraftwerk - Computer World

Here's another classic lp from the gods of electronic music that was released in 1981. I actually have this in my 8 year old daughter mp3 player to listen to, trying to put her up with kraftwerk..lol. This album have more familiar samples that you will catch, I think out of all there albums this is their best one in my opinion. ---12inchjunkie
Computer World (5:06)
Pocket Calculator (4:55)
Numbers (3:19)
Computer World..2 (3:23)
Computer Love (7:16)
Home Computer (6:19)
It’s More Fun To Compute (4:14)

Download Right Here


Anonymous said...

+1 here bro. pioneers here . great post

chicagojackin said...

My favorite track by Kraftwerk is numbers.Man WBMX use to play that track alot and I think alot of people sampled the shit out of the track.

MARLON said...

One of my favorites...."Numbers" beat is sick And I love "computer love II" and "it's more fun to compute".

pmsfo said...

Ha ha...trying to expose your kids to your music...believe me, I've tried. My kids are around the same age and sometimes they like something I'm playing but as soon as they hear it's from "Daddy's collection," they lose interest. But I gotta admit, Kraftwerk seems like a natural for kids - robots, bikes, computers - what's not to like? (BTW, I have a 12" remix of Computer World - faster tempo and more in the style of "The Mix." I should digitize it...)